Have a Stiff Back? 3 Easy Home Treatments

Experiencing a stiff back? Try these three easy home treatments to reduce the pain and improve your health!

We’ve all woken up with a stiff back. Once in a while, you just sleep funny and when you try to get up off the bed, you feel like someone is stabbing you in the back. This can be something benign that will go away on its own accord. But even after you give it time, sometimes it doesn’t. Chronic back pain can develop this way. It steadily gets worse and worse until you’re in incredible pain. One thing you can do is just wait it out and allow it to resolve itself. Your other option is to follow one or more of these home treatments to improve your health without delay.

Add some heat

If you have degenerative joints, this means you’ll suffer from bone on bone contact quite a lot. This can be very painful. Not because your bones are rubbing and grinding against each other, but that the nerves that run along the bones will also be rubbing and grinding. One of the things you can do is buy a heat pack and stick it onto your back. Usually, heat packs come with their own adhesive which will allow the pack to effortlessly stick to your skin. If you’re at home and sitting down, you can use a good old fashioned hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, to apply heat to your back.

No, don’t add heat!

Heat is great for arthritis, but cold is better for numbing pain and reducing inflammation. What happens when a cold pack or a frozen bag of peas is applied to the painful area, is the blood vessels constrict. Slowly but surely, the blood will contract from the area and the swelling will go down. This relieves any pinched nerves and allows them to gradually move back into the correct place. If you would rather not apply ice to your body, then give a recent treatment option a go. Looking at this cbd oil review, you can take small drops of this product and see inflammation decrease. It’s been lab-tested and can be taken in many different ways. You can add it to your food or drink, or even just massage it into your skin. 

Unlocking your hips

Tight hamstrings have been known to pull down your lumbar spine muscles towards the hips. This can mean that instead of your lumbar muscles giving adequate support to your spine, they are being asked to give the glutes more support instead. One way to treat back pain is by unlocking your hip by doing a vigorous hamstring stretch. By lying on your back, bring one knee up to your chest. Lay your other leg, specifically the heel and ankle, over the knee. You should be in a triangular position. Then put both hands underneath the knee and pull up. This will give the leg opposite a good stretch and thus relieving some of your pelvic and lumbar spine pain. 

Hot and cold are both tried and tested treatments for different kinds of pain. For inflammation, ice is better as it prevents blood flowing into the swollen areas. Heat is better for increasing blood flow to the area, namely for pinched nerves and arthritis. 

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