Have Some Free Time This Summer? Maintain Your Home!

Summer can certainly be one of the best times to maintain your home. This is because a general lack of adverse weather conditions can help us complete extensive work without fear of suspending our progress. This also allows us to schedule more extensive work that needs to take place over time, uninterrupted. Not only that, but if you have some free time, spending all day in the garden as the tradesmen conduct their job can be a nice idea in itself, particularly if you have a few paperbacks you’d promised yourself to get through.

But what should you focus on first to maintain your home? What duties might take advantage of the (hopefully) nice weather where you are, and aren’t too disruptive to generally enjoying your summer break? Thankfully, there are many options you might choose! With that in mind, let us consider what they may be, and how you might finally implement a better and more wholesome completed home project. This way, you can get to the next decade with a rejuvenated home in all aspects.

So let us begin:

Tidy The Garden

What better way to spend time in the warm sun than to work in the garden? If you bring a humble speaker setup outside, a pitcher of a cool beverage of your choice, and play some upbeat summer tunes, we can guarantee you’ll feel much better and probably dance a little too. Seeing as though you’re now outside, tidying up the garden could be a great idea. It could be that an old compost heap has had little maintenance over the last year and is in a state of disrepair. 

Throwing out the old container and repurposing old panels from a garden fence might help you make a square open top box to house your future compost, with sturdier walls. This might help the place look tidier. Of course, the standard mowing and organizing your garden shed is worth the effort. But why not do something new this summer? You might wish to segment space for a vegetable garden, or perhaps a greenhouse, or the very first tracks of a new garden path.

Whatever works for you is something you deserve to implement. Simply navigating your space could be a great first step, and we would absolutely recommend doing so.


It can often be that renewing your roof can help you prepare for the harsh weather conditions that might take us all unaware when summer is over. It’s not uncommon for hard showers and storms to apply damage to the beauty of our homes, and that can be quite saddening for most of us. 

In some scenarios, it could be a great idea to replace your roof, or the internal insulation such as roofing felts and fabrics. It might take a little time to achieve liaising with a professional home maintenance service, but if you can do that, your free time will be well spent.

Home Maintenance Tools

Inspect The Home

A thorough inspection of the home and any issues that might be harming it can resolve problems well ahead of time. In the worst cases, it might be that you spot subsidence in the ceiling corner of your basement, or perhaps higher in the building. Finding damp there or behind a cabinet in your bathroom can often lead to a breathing hazard, and this mold can grow over time. This can be especially harmful if you have young children or the elderly in the home.

For that, nothing beats a top-to-bottom inspection of your walls, behind furniture, and perhaps even in the most enclosed spaces such as under the stairs. Odds are, everything will be fine. But if you notice something that is in need of repair, you’ll thank yourself for the effort. There’s no reason as to why this inspection should take longer than the meat of an afternoon, unless you live in a many-winged mansion, that is.

Clean Your Windows!

Cleaning your windows, or having them cleaned by a professional (it’s safer,) can improve the look of your home so profoundly it’s almost funny. While it’s not hard to see, over time we can become used to how the dirt on a window settles, particularly after quite a dry summer. Cleaning your windows and repainting the arches is quite comfortable work to carry out, but can really improve its aesthetic, and by extension its curb appeal. 

With this advice, we hope your summer can be spent enjoying yourself, having fun, and develop a routine to maintain your home.

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