Healthy Food Swaps You Need to Know

Have you considered a healthy food swap? Many people are looking for the best ways to lose a few pounds and gain a healthier lifestyle. The most common method of achieving those goals is eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly. However, they aren’t the only things a person can do.

Other examples include looking at attitudes and behaviors towards snack foods and drinks, as it’s often them rather than main meals that can cause individuals to gain weight.

You’re likely reading this article today because you want a multi-pronged approach to leading a healthier lifestyle and enjoying a trimmer figure.

With that in mind, take a look at these healthy food swap options you need to know:

plate of healthy food swaps

Smoothies Instead of Sodas

Firstly, it makes sense to look at the drinks you consume throughout the day. It goes without saying that water will always be the best drink to consume as it contains no calories, sugar, or salt, nor does it have any questionable preservatives or chemicals.

Everyone should drink enough water each day to reach the point where they don’t feel dehydrated, especially if they do a lot of physical work. Of course, water isn’t exactly the world’s tastiest drink, and that’s why many people consume a lot of sodas daily.

If you’re guilty of drinking a lot of soda in your day, and you can’t face drinking anything but water, consider swapping out sodas for smoothies. You can make all kinds of healthy smoothies at home that get packed with the nutrients and minerals that your body needs.

It’s incredibly easy to make a smoothie at home; all you need is a blender and the right ingredients. For example, here’s how to make an apple smoothie if you enjoy eating apples or drinking apple juice for healthy food swaps.

Vegetable Fries Instead of French Fries

Some people assume that French fries aren’t that unhealthy because they are just thinly cut potatoes that get fried or baked. The trouble is, most French fries get fried (hence the name) and will often get coated in salt.

If you enjoy eating French fries, a healthier alternative to consider is vegetable fries. As the name suggests, the fries get derived from vegetables like baked carrots, parsnips, and sweet potatoes.

They are healthier because they boast more nutritional value, plus you don’t need to douse them in salt to make them taste nice. Consider pairing vegetable fries with a delicious aioli sauce for a healthy food swap.

Frozen Yogurt Instead of Ice Cream

Last but not least, you might be craving a sweet treat, and you’ll instantly head to your freezer so you can sample some delicious ice cream. The trouble is, most ice creams have high calorific values and also get loaded with salt to make them soft and easy to scoop.

Consuming ice cream regularly isn’t the best thing to do when trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. That’s why it makes sense to substitute ice cream for frozen yogurt for a healthy food swap. The easiest way to make them is by freezing your favorite yogurts on ice pop sticks.

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