Healthy Ideas For New Year Food

Need some healthy ideas for New Year food? Check out these suggestions and get a head start on your resolutions for 2020!

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After the excesses of Christmas, many of us find ourselves craving something lighter, healthier and more nutritious than all the chocolate, cheese and alcohol we’ve consumed over the festive season. Whether you want to shed the excess Christmas weight, or just want to feel a bit more energetic and more yourself after overdoing it for a few weeks, these recipes can help you to feel back on form.

  1. Agedashi tofu. This agedashi tofu recipe is delicious, and packed full of goodness. Deep fried tofu is combined with a dashi broth for a light, healthy meal on a weeknight. Making your own dashi broth can be a really fun recipe to experiment with too if you like to try recipes that are a little different. This recipe is already vegetarian, but is very easy to adapt to be vegan too. 
  2. Salads. Try out some new combinations for salads to pack up as a lunch to take to the office. Aim to get lots of different salad leaves or vegetables into the mix, in lots of different colors to create a lunch that looks appealing, tastes good, and is packed with nutrients. Different toppings, like small pieces of bacon, walnuts or seeds add texture and flavor. Challenge yourself to try new combinations to keep things interesting. Aim for something delicious, not something that tastes like diet food. 
  3. Oatmeal jars. A healthy breakfast can help you to get the day off to a good start, setting you up for a healthier day. Mornings can be busy, especially if you’re also trying to get children ready and out the door as well as yourself. For the New Year, make it a resolution not to skip breakfast, no matter how busy you are. Instead, pack a breakfast, like a healthy oatmeal jar, that you can prepare the night before and then take with you to get at your desk or on the train on the way to the office. 
  4. Stir Fry. A stir fry is an easy recipe for any cook to take on, and is very simple to adapt depending on what you have in the fridge. Almost any kind of vegetables can be used, such as baby corn, peppers, courgette ribbons or strips of carrot. Add noodles, and a protein of your choice. You could use chicken, shrimp of even stir fry. Add a sauce and fry it all together. Stir fry is an easy, fast meal for a busy night that can be adapted to whatever you need to use up or feel like eating. 

You don’t need to crash diet after Christmas, but after a few weeks of excess, some healthy food can help you to feel a bit more ready to take on a new year. Whatever recipes you’re trying out, packing in plenty of vegetables to help you get plenty of important vitamins and nutrients. Making colorful dishes stops them from feeling boring and healthy, and can make preparing them as much fun as prepping the indulgent treats you have been making. 

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