Hearing Loss – Breaking Unhealthy Habits

Hearing loss is a health problem typically associated with seniors. However, while the hearing will naturally deteriorate as you age, there are many more causes of this. Most people can name a few situations that might damage hearing, including rock concerts and building sites. Even so, there are countless habits you might have that put you at risk too. These are unhealthy for your hearing and overall health. To look after your ears, here are six unhealthy habits you must avoid.

Unhealthy Habits That Can Cause Hearing Loss

Eating An Unhealthy Diet

Like many other health problems, eating the wrong foods can cause hearing loss. Without the nutrients you need to build healthy cells and keep healthy cells nourished, those in your ear will become damaged. What’s worse, unlike other body parts, the inner ear has cells that won’t heal or regenerate. Avoiding junk food and eating a balanced diet can prevent damage, to begin with. 

Ditching Any Workout Plans

Obesity is a growing health concern in many countries throughout the world. Many people don’t realize how much harm obesity can do. Along with putting people at risk for serious conditions, like heart disease and diabetes, your hearing could be affected. This is because those issues affect blood flow. While managing your weight can be difficult, making time for exercise will help

Missing Annual Health Checks

When you’re not feeling unwell, attending a check-up can seem pointless. However, without these check-ups, your doctor can’t manage your health. This means that they might not spot problems, like hearing loss. When hearing loss becomes an issue, your doctor can refer you to hearing aid specialists or suggest other treatments. They can also offer healthy hearing advice.

Having Poor Dental Hygiene

Unhealthy gums and bad teeth have a bigger effect on the body than most people realize. When oral bacteria gets into the bloodstream, it can cause various heart problems. A heart condition will likely result in poor circulation, which would affect the entire body, including ears. Because of this, you must take care of your teeth by brushing twice daily and attending dental check-ups. 

Smoking Cigarettes Each Day

Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy. But, that doesn’t mean they understand every way smoking can harm the body. Not only can smoking cause heart problems, but it directly affects hearing too. This is because cigarettes expose you to thousands of chemicals, some of which damage mechanisms of the ear. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but the health benefits are worth it.

Drinking Excess Alcohol

Having a glass of wine with dinner won’t cause any permanent damage. Nonetheless, there is evidence that suggests binge drinking can result in hearing problems. High levels of alcohol will inhibit the brain’s ability to process sound, as well as damage the hair cells inside the ear. These issues combined eventually cause hearing loss, which is why you should limit your drinking. 

Many unhealthy habits affect the body much more than we know. To protect your hearing, make sure that you break the unhealthy and damaging habits listed above. 

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