How to Help Luke Bryan + Bayer Celebrate Farmers + Fight Hunger

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Our family enjoys a meal together every evening at our kitchen table. We pray and say grace for the food that we’re able to enjoy but we neglect to remember that 83% of our food comes from U.S. Farmers and Ranchers.

The son of a peanut farmer in Georgia, Luke Bryan has deep roots connecting him to the American Farmer. He understands the amount of dedication and hard work that it takes to produce healthy, nutritious, and affordable food.

For the third year, Bayer is partnering with Luke Bryan on his Farm Tour. They are raising a glass to toast U.S. Farmers and helping to donate a goal of 1 million meals to fight hunger right here in America.

Luke Bryan + Bayer U.S. #HeresToTheFarmer


Last year, Bayer and Luke Bryan donated 500,000 meals. With a new goal of 1 million, we are helping share the word on how you can do your part! For every share that the campaign receives, Bayer will donate a meal to someone in need via Feeding America®.

Locally, the Here’s To The Farmer campaign will help tackle hunger by donating $10,000+ to food banks and honor a local farmer on-stage at each location of the concert. Did you know that more than 24 million Americans are employed in agriculture and that 31% of American farmers are women?

Bayer U.S. + Luke Bryan #HeresToTheFarmer


Personally, our family is extremely proud to be helping spread the word about #HeresToTheFarmer. We live in a rural area (Lynchburg, Tennessee) where farming is a standard way of life for numerous families. When my boys started school, we learned of a “Backpack” program that was developed to help feed children over the weekend.

The number of children involved in the program grows as each year passes. Families are losing their jobs and meals become scarce. Living in such a close-knit community, I have often taken our blessings of food for granted. Knowing that children were going home for the weekend, school holiday breaks, and the summer to face being hungry, I am broken-hearted that I can’t take care of all the children!





97% of U.S. Farms are operated by families including individuals, family partnerships, and family corporations. Local farms are disappearing because of the rising cost to keep operating. Children don’t have an interest to continue the farm and split the land to sell to developers, which is even more of a reason to show your support for your local farms.

Every summer, we enjoy giving back to local farmers by visiting the pick-your-own blueberry and strawberry farms. The farmer’s market is a favorite place where we can pick up delicious vegetables and know that they money spent is helping send their child to school, putting a roof over their heads, and creating a way for the next crop to be produced! Several local grocery stores also keep a small section of locally-produced products that we purchase.

Our family believes that it’s extremely important to help any way we can. That’s why we are encouraging every one of you to spend one moment of your time on social media to help make a difference. Click to share the Facebook message or Tweet below and get your family and friends involved! Put good out into the world and you’ll feel it returned.



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