Herbal Teas That Taste Great With Honey

Love herbal teas? Learn how you can add honey for flavor without destroying the original flavor and creating overly sweet teas!

If you are a tea drinker, you may be wondering what teas you can easily add honey too without making them too sweet. Though there are the traditional black teas, there are other teas that taste great with honey. Here are a few of those herbal teas and how you can easily make them yourself or how to make them without having them turn out too sweet.

Personally, we love using locally-sourced Lynchburg, TN honey from for the added health benefits. Check out your local area to find some to purchase.

Herbal teas with honey and lemon in a glass on a table

Fruit Based Herbal Teas

Most fruit based herbal teas taste great with honey. You can make these yourself fairly easily by just using citrus based fruits or dried fruits like strawberries. Boil water, add the fruits, and then add some raw honey. You can drain it if necessary or eat the fruit. You can also buy fruit loose leaf tea blends that are easy to mix with honey and easy to store. Though you can buy pre-bagged fruit teas, finding a loose leaf option or making your own is best because it gives you the whole fruits and not just the powdered processed versions. This means you are getting more of the benefits.

Chamomile Tea is a great herbal tea for calming!


Chamomile is known for its calming effects, but sometimes the taste may not be ideal. In fact, if you have an upset stomach or if you are giving it to a teenager, the taste may be off putting. If that is the case, then adding honey may be the perfect solution! You will not only get the benefits of the chamomile, but you will also gain the digestive benefits of the honey which can calm your body and help soothe your stomach. This can help you sleep better and make the tea palatable.

Green Tea

Green Tea

If you are on a weight loss journey, then you probably already use green tea in your daily routine. Even if you use it once a week, you may notice a bitter flavor. If you are using a loose leaf or organic tea instead of pre-bagged, you may notice the bitterness even more. You may be using sugar to help offset this taste, but it may not do much to mask the bitterness. What can help, and can boost the weight loss properties of your green tea, is to add raw honey. Major brands have already proven how well honey works with green tea in iced tea formulas. Hot tea is a great option, too. It’s my favorite!

If you want to add honey to your tea when you are on the go, consider raw honey sticks. They are easy to carry, store, and can quickly be added to any of the tea you order while out. You can also get flavored raw honey sticks as well that can add cinnamon or other flavors.

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