High ROI Projects Every First-Time Homeowner Should Tackle

Being a first-time homeowner is a great feeling, but it may bring challenges like knowing the right projects to tackle and in which order. If you want to start improving your new home but you’re not quite sure where to start, read on to see five projects that have a high ROI and that you should prioritize.


Your landscape holds a lot of power when it comes to curb appeal, which is what makes this project one with a great ROI. For instance, installing a fence will give you a 65% return on investment. Grow a gorgeous lawn and plant some flowers outside to make your landscape more appealing, even changing your garage door for a better one that will match the house and have improved technology. You could do this yourself or seek the assistance of a qualified landscape architect as the cost you pay will be completely worth it in the end.


The kitchen is another high ROI project that you could consider taking on because there’s no shortage of improvements you can make to it. Whether it’s adding new appliances that work efficiently or improving the finishes, you can modernize your kitchen and make it the neighborhood’s envy. Energy-efficient cookers and an island will make the space more functional, making it easy to retain or even improve the value of your home if you decide to sell.


The roof is a high-return project whose function will be a lot more important to improve than the aesthetics. Regardless, a well-fitted roof will look as good as it functions, and you will have a lot of long years of use ahead of you. If you decide to change the roof, consider stone-coated steel roofing which is fully recyclable and has a Class A fire rating as well as Class 4 hail impact resistance. It’s also very light, at just 1.4 lbs per sq ft, and you will boast of a new, gorgeous roof that may be the first thing people notice when they visit your house or just walk past it.


If your house’s floor is old and lackluster, it’s a good idea to overhaul it and install a new one. If your budget permits it, get a hardwood floor which will improve your indoor aesthetics by a lot. It will also help keep your house warmer and easy to clean, looking brand new each time you apply a coat of polish to it. Shop around and talk to flooring experts to find the best deal that will give you the best ROI, and you will be glad you did this project.


An often ignored space, the basement has a lot of potential as far as improvements go. You could turn it into a functional room, with shelves to display decoration and appliances and outlets to plug in electrical gadgets. Whether you turn it into a kid’s playroom, an extra bedroom, or even an additional lounge is completely up to you, because you will use it for a while in any case. As long as it’s a functional space, it will leave your home with a higher value than it started out with. Up to 32% of people looking for a new home to buy are first-time buyers, so if you decide to sell and one of them encounters your functional basement, you will have set a standard that’s hard to match.

A home improvement project is something that you should give serious thought to in order to get the most out. Look for the exact figures and numbers online to help you decide on what to work on first and what to shelf for another day as this is how to work efficiently on improving your home.

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