Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Looking for home decoration trends to take your home to the next level for 2021? Let’s leave last year where it belongs! Although the year has just begun we are still in the grip of the pandemic that forces us into lockdown around spring last year. This has impacted every aspect of our lives, including the ways we organize our homes. This year’s home decoration trends are hugely affected by recent global events, but in a positive way. Read on to find out how interior decoration is responding to global shutdowns. 

home decoration trends

Livable Luxury 

Over the past twelve months people have had to adapt their lives like never before. Space has had to be added, furniture removed, and renovations implemented to adjust to the new normal. All of this has had an effect on the decoration choices for 2021.

This year people will be looking to exploit unusual spaces and bring value to them with luxury material and furniture pieces. Expect more livable luxury in homes this year as people settle in for the long game. 

This Year’s Color

Each year interior designers and home decoration enthusiasts eagerly await the Pantone color of the year. This color is selected by experts who comb the world researching trends and influences from all areas of our culture. The color further influences interior design everywhere. 

This year Pantone have voted for Ultimate grey with illuminating colors such as matt yellow. Think of a wasp but with a grey stripe instead of a black one. The contrast is stark, the appeal, arresting. This color scheme would certainly suit a home office. 

Indoor Plants 

Once again the global pandemic has been instrumental in this next trend, indoor plants and trees. With so many of us restricted to our homes for months on end it’s no surprise there has been an upsurge in more green decorations in the home. But they’re not only for decoration purposes. 

Indoor plants and trees have a very beneficial effect on residents. They suck carbon out of the air and replace it with oxygen. They bring a sense of optimism into a space and can be very life affirming in dark times, especially when they must be looked after a watered. 

Plaid Fabrics 

If you’re thinking of redesigning your living room this winter and replacing your old sofa with an up to date one, consider choosing plaid fabric for the covering, you can find some good examples at sofadreams.com. Although very traditional in style, plaid fabric is making a come back. 

Some things never go out of style, denims are one, smock dresses another, then there’s plaid fabric. This style denotes comfort and homeliness, something you want to encourage at a time when the majority of your life is spent in one location. 

Multipurpose Spaces 

The last twelve months have been a process of reinventing and remaining spaces for the sake of maintaining livelihoods and sanity. Kitchens have become classrooms, cupboards have become offices, and bedrooms have become gyms. Now, in 2021, things are becoming slightly more intentional. 

Expect to see more multi-purpose spaces this year, and for this to be a trend going forward. In the far future our children won’t understand why everything has to be so neat and functional. You will notice a lot more foldaway furniture and rooms separators in homes. 

What are your favorite home decoration trends?

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