Home Security Tips To Secure Your Property

Have you considered how you should secure your property? Many homeowners consider their homes as sanctuaries for relaxation and memories. However, break-ins are a common safety concern for these property owners. An estimated 75% of US homes will be broken into over the next 20 years, so most homes are at risk of burglary no matter how safe the neighborhood is. Therefore, it’s prudent to implement multiple strategies to keep your home as secure as possible. If you want to learn more about transforming your home into a secure place, please take a look at these points to secure your property.

Home security system to secure your property

Secure your doors

Front doors usually pop into mind during home renovation projects, but they’re also worth thinking about for your home’s security. Research indicates that 34% of burglars access homes using the front door, so consider taking multiple steps to ensure that it’s as safe as can be. Therefore, inspect all your exterior doors to determine that your hinges are secure and your door frames are strong enough to withstand considerable force. Also, choose small mail slots, and position them at an angle that makes it impossible for intruders to reach through to unlock your door. 

Additionally, you can change your locks to secure your property if you recently moved into a previously-owned home, so no one can access your house using old door keys. Deadbolts, strike plates, smart locks, and video doorbells are other door security features worth considering to make your front door challenging to breach.

Install an alarm system to secure your property

Many home security experts consider home security systems so essential to your home’s protection that not having one is almost like inviting robbers to visit your home. Luckily, you can select several alarm systems with various features and prices based on your budget and preferences. You can install a basic DIY system or opt for a more sophisticated option with home automation and top-notch monitoring capabilities. 

Alarms will undoubtedly deter some criminals from targeting your home and will alert police to potential home break-ins quickly, limiting your losses and increasing the likelihood that burglars will be apprehended. You can even consider adding a sneaky spy camera to your home alarm system since numerous perpetrators have been busted by a hidden camera. Since homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into, you can count on a proper home alarm system to effectively reduce your likelihood of being robbed.

Never make your absence too obvious 

Many thieves prefer breaking into unoccupied homes since they’re easy targets. As such, never advertise your absence from home on social media because it might alert potential thieves about your house being empty in the coming days or weeks.  Furthermore, if you plan a vacation, always have a trusted neighbor or friend stop by your home every day to pick up newspapers, flyers, and mail that may be left at your door. A stack of these materials in front of your home is always a huge indicator of your absence, and thieves are quick to notice and take advantage of this. Finally, leave your music and lights on a timer to create the impression that you’re around. Doing this will help deter any criminals lurking around.

Light up your landscape 

It’s no secret that the cover of darkness helps many criminals and vandals carry out their activities, albeit unwillingly.  Therefore, ample exterior lighting is an effective way to eliminate any dark hiding spots around your home that may make you an easy target for a home invasion. You can place lights around outdoor structures like sheds, along pathways, near your garage, and around your back and front yards. Besides scaring criminals off, exterior lighting reduces your risk of falling anytime you use the front steps. Your outdoor lighting options can be more effective and efficient if you select motion-sensored and solar-powered lights, so keep this in mind for the best results.

Secure your Wi-Fi network

Many homeowners have wireless home networks that they rely on for their internet in this modern age. As such, your home network constitutes an integral component of your security stem. Hackers can access personal and financial information if they breach your home network. 

Also, smart homes are a popular trend in America, as about 42 million houses in America are estimated to be smart. Since your smart home gadgets rely on your WiFi network to function, hackers can hijack your entire home if your network is vulnerable. Thankfully, firewalls, strong passwords, anti-malware protection, and enabling WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) can secure your home network and prevent cyber breaches.

How do you secure your property?

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