Hosting the Perfect Garden Party

Is there anything better than a garden party in the summer? The smell of the barbeque, good music, and your favorite people – what more could you want? If it’s your turn to host, we’ve got some tips for making your garden party the best of the batch. But you’ll need plenty of time to prep.

Drink glasses ready for a garden party

Make sure there’s enough seating

Seating doesn’t have to be proper chairs and outdoor tables. It would be super expensive, and you probably don’t have enough space to store it all after. However, collapsible benches, bean bags, and outdoor cushions will allow everyone to sit down, get comfy, and chat.

You could even whip out the old camping chairs if you’re really stuck for seating. Alternatively, those that are able to can get low and sit on picnic blankets.

Outdoor lighting

The best garden parties will spontaneously last into the night, so make sure you’re prepared with outdoor lighting. Whether you get solar-powered fairy lights or already have a few porch lights to brighten up the garden, outdoor lighting will help everyone feel more comfortable staying a little longer.

If you’ve got the space, you could even get a fire pit to keep everyone warm as the sun goes down.

Create a blanket box

While it might look warm and sunny outside, there’s always the chance of a gentle breeze to bring in a chill. Making sure you have blankets, and cover ups available for guests will make everyone feel comfortable and happy. Plus, if you find yourself with more guests than expected, blankets can double up as picnic areas on the grass.

The perfect outfit

As the host, you’ll be doing plenty of running around in and out of the house. Which means you’ll need a cool and airy outfit. does plenty of plus size dresses and jackets that would work perfectly for a garden party. So choose a few pieces in advanced to see what works.

Batch made drinks

To keep costs down, it’s a good idea to ask guests to bring their own drinks, but you should always be willing to provide mixers or a few options for those that forget.

Batch-making drinks will help keep the party going and give you the freedom to enjoy the day, rather than constantly playing waitress. Lay out a table of plastic cups and a few bowls or jugs of different drinks, and let guests help themselves. Try out the sparkling blueberry maple lemonade recipe, or spice things up with a strawberry daiquiri. 

Nibbles and buffet food

Garden parties are all about prep, and batching cooking will be your special tool. If you want to serve things that need to be cooked, don’t wait till the day. Grab the instant pot and get prepping before the day. Then, things can just be heating in the background while you enjoy socializing.

As for the rest, buffet food will be just fine. Order some sandwich platters, family pack chips, and more for guests to help themselves to. Don’t forget dessert, too!

Then, all that’s left to do is have some fun!

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