Household Chores Getting You Down? Here’s What To Do

Let’s be honest, keeping our homes clean and tidy isn’t always easy for some of us. Not all of us are natural cleaners. So many of us can find the general household chores a bit of a bore. There are always those hard to clean areas, the yearly jobs you just don’t want to do, or those last minute phone calls where someone wants to visit and the house is a mess. It can be a constant thing on your mind of how many chores are constantly on your “to do” list. 

Sometimes cleaning your home is not fun, and while it may not supposed to be, there are things that you can do that can help you get things back on track. Household chores, be that the cleaning, general maintenance or tidying up is just part and parcel of owning a home, so if you can find things that can help you get through it and manage it more effectively, then you are going to feel better about it. With that in mind, here are some of the suggestions to help you get back on track with those pesky household chores. You’re welcome!

Mop for Household Chores

Get a cleaning schedule

When you leave all of your cleaning chores to one day or the last minute, it can feel like a huge task when it doesn’t have to be. If you organize yourself with a cleaning schedule, you can spread the household chores across the week or month to ensure that you are constantly keeping on top of your home. You may want to vacuum your home once a week or ensure that you do certain things daily. Having that schedule to tick off as you complete is a great way to ensure you get all the tasks done, without it feeling like such a huge task in one go. It might be worth taking some time to come up with a schedule that works for you. Investing the time will help you to get a clearer understanding of what needs to be done and when. List all of the household chores and things that need to be done, even those once a year tasks. Then you can pout them all together in an easy to manage schedule. If you need some help, there are plenty of tutorials, suggestions and templates you can follow online until you find something that works for you. 

Get a cleaning service 

In an ideal world we would all have a cleaner, right? However, while it may seem like a far-fetched dream it isn’t actually a bad idea at all. Let’s face it, you may have a full time job, kids to manage, and a partner to look after, so where is the actual time to spend cleaning your home? Often a cleaning service like Houseproud Cleaning can come in and do things like regular cleans or one off deep cleans. Getting a cleaning service, whether regularly or just as one off purchases can help you to stay on track. A cleaning service can handle the jobs that take up the most time, for example cleaning the bathroom or oven. With those jobs done, you can easily manage to maintain the home and keep on top of it. Why not look into it and see if it could work into your household budget? 

Research out alternative methods for the hard to clean areas

Sometimes struggling with particular rooms or hard to clean areas can add strain to your cleaning mission, which is why your methods may not be working. It might be worth sitting down and doing some research into the best ways to clean skirting boards or clean up the shower glass you have. You might find that some natural remedies like using vinegar or bicarbonate soda could offer up some amazing results. There are so many tried and tested methods online, that simply trying a fresh approach to those tasks that seem to take you the longest, could help you get better results. Social media platforms like Instagram are also full of cleaning accounts, where people share some incredible tips and advice for cleaning. You may learn something new to try.

Common Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Try the ten-minute cleaning challenge

Do you think you can achieve a lot in ten minutes? You would be surprised. There is a craze online where many people are taking up the ten-minute cleaning challenge, and they get a remarkable amount done in that short time. Just check out some of the videos on YouTube to see. While you don’t have to film yourself doing it, the principal is a good thing to try. Put on a timer and give it a go yourself. 

Have three things that you do each day without fail

There may be some things you want to do each day, so make a note of them so that you don’t forget. This might be cleaning the kitchen and bathroom surfaces, bleaching your toilets or simply emptying the washing machine or dishwasher. Having an essentials list that you might do before going to bed at night or first thing in the morning can help you to stick to a routine. It also helps you to feel productive and achieve something towards cleaning and managing the household. 

Delegate jobs to other members of your family

Finally, if more than one person lives in your home then why should the responsibility of the household chores be left to you? Consider delegating some jobs to your partner or even your children if they are old enough. They can be responsible for tidying their rooms or putting their laundry away. Your partner could take on some of the bigger tasks like vacuuming or the dishes. It’s the small things that can make the biggest differences and having family help you out can help you to feel less overwhelmed with all of the things that you need to be doing. 

Let’s hope these tips help you get back on track with your household chores and stay motivated to get them done.

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