How Can You Protect The Bees In Your Garden?

How can you protect the bees? Protecting the bees is more important than ever as their numbers reduce. Bees pollinate plants and allow crops to grow, so we will be in a very bad position without them. The good news is, you can do your part to help. When you are designing your garden, you should think about the bees and create areas for them to live, and add plants that they like. By supporting their habitat, you will help them to flourish.

This is a great activity to involve the whole family in as well, and if you want to get the kids excited about saving the bees, I’d suggest reading Bea’s Bees with them. It’s a great story that encourages kids to plant bee-friendly gardens. 

If you want to do your part for the bees, here are some of the best ways to create a bee-friendly garden

Bees on flowers pollinating symbolizing the importance and reason to protect the bees!

Grow Plants With Nectar And Pollen 

The easiest way to create a welcoming environment for bees is to grow plants with lots of nectar and pollen, so that means plants with a continuous flowering period. It’s especially important that you have lots of flowers growing between September and March. This list of flowers for bees will help you choose the right plants for your garden. The more flowers you can plant, the better, so make use of every available space in the garden and consider getting some hanging baskets or using planters on patio areas. 

Deal With Wasps 

Wasps are a bee’s worst enemy and if there are enough of them, they will attack beehives. So, it’s important that you look out for any wasp activity around the home and you deal with them right away. Wasps are most active in the Spring and Summer, so make sure that you are on the lookout for any nests. If you think that you have a wasp problem, call in an exterminator right away before they can do any damage to the local bee population. 

Build Bee Hotels And Nests 

We tend to associate bees with hives but not all bee species live in large groups, so you need to create a good environment for the solitary species as well. Creating bee hotels and nests will increase the diversity of bees in the garden and encourage those solitary species to stick around for longer. You can make a simple bee hotel with a few bits of wood and some bamboo canes. 

Bees also need somewhere to hibernate in the winter, so you should make some nests for them. You can make a bumblebee pot with an old flower pot and some chicken wire to encourage them to hibernate in your garden for winter.

Leave The Weeds Alone 

Weeding the garden might make it look nice, but if you want to protect the bees, you should leave some of the weeds alone. A lot of those weeds actually attract a lot of bees, so by removing them, you are making the environment more hostile to bees. 

These are all simple ways to set your garden up for the bees and make sure that they are protected.  

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