How Food Can Help You Have A Healthy Mind

A healthy mind comes from a variety of sources — including food! Discover a few options that fit into almost any diet.

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According to mental health charity, Mind, improving your diet may help to improve your mood, give you more energy, and to help you to think more clearly. Many people do see food and drink as a danger zone because there are many people who suffer from mental health issues that have addictions to food or drink or both.

For those people, there are treatments such as a TMS therapy program that can help. However, if things aren’t that serious for you, but you are worried about your mental health or have been feeling down lately, then there is evidence that shows that food can really help you to feel happier.

Universities have also done studies on good and how it affects the brain, take a 2008 study by UCLA who reviewed 160 studies about how food affects the brain and found that a balanced diet, along with exercise, can beat back mental disorders.

Another study from 2011 found that when medical students increased their omega-3 fatty acid intake, their anxiety reduced by 20 percent (though with no changes to depression), and in 2016, Spanish researchers found people who followed the Mediterranean lifestyle closest were 50 percent less likely to develop depression than those who didn’t follow the diet as well. If you need any more convincing, another study looked at 166 people who were clinically depressed, some being treated with medication. The researchers found that after 12 weeks of eating a modified Mediterranean diet, the participants’ symptoms were significantly better.

The Mediterranean diet is more about what you’re adding in such as fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich legumes, and fatty fish and olive oil which are high in omega-3s, so what else should you be adding to your diet to help you to feel better in your mind not just your body?


Avocados are not only delicious, but they also contain tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid used by the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin is the feel-good central nervous system neurotransmitter, which basically means it makes you feel good. Not only that, but avocados are also good for your skin, hair, and nails, so get smashing those avocados and enjoy them on your toast. 


Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries all contain the nutrients anthocyanidins and anthocyanins, which help reduce depression and stress. Berries and yogurt anyone?

Berries in a wood basket.


Did you know that chicken can be calming for the body? You find Vitamin B12 found in poultry, and this will help you to feel good. B12 helps keep the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy. It also helps create DNA! If you’re experiencing anemia, your doctor may recommend a daily dose of B12.


Salmon is full of omega-three fatty acids, which, as mentioned earlier, are essential in a Mediterranean diet, and they are actually proven to improve your mood. Omega 3s also makes our hair and skin shiny, which gives the appearance of happiness, so even if you’re not feeling too happy, you might look it. 

One-Skillet Mozzarella Chicken Thighs


Did you know that mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D, which boosts mood and has anti-depressant qualities? While we usually get our Vitamin D from the sun, it is also found in mushrooms, milk, beef, chicken livers, and fatty fish. Get a double dose of healthy mind food with our Chicken Lanzone or One-Skillet Mozzarella Chicken Thighs!

What foods do you eat for a healthy mind?

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