Easy Ways for How to Become One Thrifty Mama

Being a thrifty mama isn’t about depriving your family of the things they love; it’s about finding ways to enjoy your favorite things for less, and trying new things that you might not have thought about before. 

Thrifty Mama

The more money you can save, the more you can put towards your kidscollege education, better vacations and the stuff that really matters. Sound good? Here are some tips to help you be the thrifty mama you know you can be:

Draw Up a Family Budget

Yes, it’s a bit boring, but drawing up a family budget is a must if you’re serious about being a thrifty mama. Creating a budget will help you to see where your money is being spent, where savings can be made and what’s non-negotiable. It’s the starting point to becoming better at money management, and that means it can’t be skipped. There are lots of free and cheap apps and tutorials out there to help you draw up a budget. Use them and it won’t take you so long.

Buy Used

A lot of people are a bit weirded out by buying stuff that’s been used before, but short of underwear, there’s no reason to be creeped out. Used clothes will have been washed, or you can wash them yourself, and the same goes for furniture. You can even sanitize most electronics and trinkets if that matters to you, and when you can find a used Nissan Altimas for sale for a quarter the price of a new one, well it makes sense to buy used doesn’t it? Oh, and used stuff is the best stuff from an eco-friendly perspective too – your children will thank you for it.

Find Family Deals

Whether you’re eating out or attending a show, do your research first. So many restaurants, theaters, and events offer special family deals at certain times and they can save you a pretty penny over the course of a month or year if you always use them. That way you can enjoy all the things you love, spend quality time and keep more of your money. What’s not to love?

Meal Plan

Do you spend a fortune on the grocery shop? Do you often end up throwing food out because it’s expired, or heading to the store two days after shopping because you need a vital ingredient that you forgot to purchase at the time? You need meal planning in your life. By sitting down and planning everything you and the family are going to eat for the week, you can create an accurate shopping list that enables you to only buy what you need, and that means you won’t waste money on your groceries anymore.

Find Free Activities

Want to ensure you don’t miss out on family fun, but still want to be a thrifty mama? Look for free or cheap local events. Lots of fun can be had at local farmer’s markets, neighborhood cookouts, street fairs, and festivals… the sky’s the limit.

Being more thrifty can be a lot of fun! Give it a try!


  1. I save a ton by buying most of my clothes used from thrift stores. It’s less environmental impact too!

    • Absolutely! I miss having really good thrift shops. Now everyone who has one, charges as much (or more!) than I can buy new. We donate our clothes and household goods to a local charity who gives back to our community. We also shop at their thrift store from time to time.

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