How to Care for Feather and Down Pillows

Nothing spells luxury like feather and down pillows. Although they may be expensive, these pillows are more of an investment as they last longer than synthetic pillows, but how does one care for them? To truly enjoy the benefits of feather and down pillows, it is crucial to know how to maintain them.

Contrary to popular beliefs, caring for feather and down pillows is not that challenging. In fact, if properly handled, they can be as fluffy as when they were first bought. Unlike synthetic pillows, feather and down pillows can regain that cloud-like fluff despite years of use.

Caring for your luxury pillows is easier than you thought, and we have compiled a list of steps you can take to enjoy their benefits to the fullest. A little bit of care goes a long way!

Craft Feather and Down Pillows Pillows on a Well Made Bed With White Sheets in a White Room

1. Getting Rid of Dirt or Yellow Stains

You can use good zip-up covers or pillowcases to help guard against unwanted stains. However, despite all the protection, your feather and down pillows are bound to turn yellow thanks to natural skin oils, sweat, and products seeping into them.

Can you wash feather pillows? It is a question most luxury pillow owners ask themselves when they find dirt or stains on their pillows. The short answer is YES.

To get rid of that yellowish hue, simply mix a cup of high efficiency, low-suds laundry detergent with half a cup of borax and four to five cups of hot water. You can put your down and feather pillows in the washing machine along with the mixture and gently let them soak for a good thirty to forty minutes. Feel free to flip them halfway through!

You can even hand wash your feather and down pillows if you have the time! Just avoid excessive twisting and flipping as that might damage the filling and create unwanted clumps. 

2. Wash Gently and Two at a Time

A great rule of thumb to remember when washing your down or feather pillows is that you should always wash two at a time. This is crucial as it assists with keeping a balance in the washer and allows effective performance. 

Angle your pillows inside the washer vertically so there is sufficient room for a spin. It does not matter what type of washer you use if the pillows fit in properly. Front load washers are generally easier as they keep from agitating the pillows.

It goes without saying but you should always stick to a gentle wash. Low-suds detergents avoid soap residue, which in turn keeps the feather from balling together in clumps. The gentler the cycle, the better it is for the pillows. Add less detergent than you would ordinarily use as it keeps the feather filling fluffy and fresh.

3. Keep the Stink Away

Washing your luxury feather and down pillows properly and carefully is only part of the caring process. To fully enjoy the benefits of your pillow investment, it is essential to keep all kinds of nasty odors away so there is no need for such frequent washes.

Most people will wash carefully but go about pillow care very lazily after that. It is important to dry your feather and down pillows at a low heat setting and fluff them throughout the process to keep clumps away. If that is too much work, just chuck in two tennis balls inside your dryer and they will do the job for you. They will not cause any damages to your dryer so do not fret! This process is vital, or your pillows will gather nasty odors. 

Once all is done, leave them out in the open sun to air dry and get rid of any smells or lingering scents. Your pillows will be stink free and fluffier than cotton candy

4. Always Use Pillow Protectors

Nothing substitutes good pillow protectors! Make that your mantra if you must, but there is no denying it. Save yourself the trouble of washing and drying and repeating that cycle frequently by using pillow protectors. 

Use zip-up protectors to avoid unwanted stains or marks. Using good quality, breathable pillow protectors for your feather and down pillows will protect them from all kinds of dust particles, germs, and stains from seeping into your soft filling. The more you care for your luxury pillows, the longer you will enjoy that beautiful and lush fluff under your head. 

5. Avoid Night Baths

It is always the little things that make the biggest difference when caring for your feather and down pillows. Bathing or showering at night means you will be sleeping with a wet head. Your pillows will gather all that wetness, any hair products, or oils that you apply, and the filling is bound to clump. Make sure that your hair is dry before heading to bed or take your showers earlier in the day.

It is also advisable to avoid using any lotions, creams, or skin oils before heading to bed. You should also remove all traces of makeup before bedtime to avoid staining or oily build-ups in the pillow filling.

Feather and down pillows are an investment. With proper care, you can enjoy the comfort and luxury for decades. Unlike synthetic pillows that clump quicker and are nowhere as soft and delightful, feather and down pillows can be easily washed, dried, and maintained with minimum effort. When you have got the pointers down, it gets easier each time to remember the specifics to care for your expensive feather and down pillows!

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