How to Create A Beautiful Summer Garden

When the skies are blue and it’s warm and sunny, there’s no better place to be than the garden. If your backyard needs a little TLC, or you’re looking for inspiration to create a beautiful outdoor space to relax, soak up the sun and entertain, here are some top tips.

How to Create a Beautiful Summer Garden:

summer garden full of wildflowers

Adding color and vibrancy with plants and flowers

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make your garden look more appealing, vibrant and colorful is to add plants and flowers. Whether you have a bijou backyard or a sprawling garden with plenty of space, you can transform the aesthetic with flower beds, hanging baskets and buckets, planters and containers, trees and hedges. Choose containers that suit the style of the garden, and think about how you want your garden to look before you select colors or types of plants. Some people gravitate towards rainbow colors or specific colorways, such as purples and pinks, while others prefer a more muted palette. 

Creating a focal point

If you’re thinking about embarking upon a mission to enhance your garden and create a stunning space to enjoy this summer, you don’t necessarily have to overhaul everything and start from scratch. One way to make a statement without devoting hours to gardening and landscaping is to create a new focal point. You can do this by exploring landscape decor and opting for a fountain, a contemporary water feature or decorative statues, you could design a new entertaining area with sun loungers, a table and chairs, a sofa set or a hot tub, or you could add a structure, such as a gazebo, bridge or pergola. Look for ideas that will complement the style of the garden and make sure you consider size and check measurements before you place any orders. 

Using accessories to channel new themes and trends

Buying new accessories is a brilliant, affordable way to make your garden look beautiful. You can buy all kinds of products to channel new trends and themes and enhance the look of your outdoor space without breaking the bank. From string lights and oversized lanterns and bean bags, cushions and outdoor rugs to planters and pots, benches and arches adorned with climbing plants, there are myriad ways you can breathe new life into a tired or drab space this summer

Lawn care

A healthy-looking, vibrant, lush green lawn is a perfect centerpiece for any garden. The trouble is that it’s not always easy to keep your grass looking gorgeous. If you have worn patches or there are discolored areas, you can plant grass seeds or relay your lawn with new turf. You will need to water the grass during the hot summer months, and it’s also essential to mow the lawn when it’s dry. When you are using a lawnmower, take care to cover every inch without going over the same patches multiple times. Trim the edges or fit garden edging to create a smart, professional finish. 

Are you looking forward to spending time outside and enjoying the sunshine this summer? If your garden isn’t quite the al fresco haven you dream of, don’t panic! With these simple tips, you can design a beautiful outdoor space.

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