How to De-Stress Before Your Due Date

Discover how to de-stress before your due date! Ensure a healthier, happier delivery of your new bundle of joy!

Pregnant woman learning how to de-stress before due date in sunshine

When you first found out you were pregnant, the chances are that nine months seemed like a lifetime. If you’re anything like most, the first-trimester lead-up to your first scan certainly seemed to take its time. But, since then, time has flown in ways you never thought possible, and now you’re looking down the barrel of your due date lead-up. 

It’s not unusual for stress levels to start soaring around now. After all, you’re about to face one of the most extreme physical exertions of your life. And, that’s before you even think about actually having a baby around! But, as every pregnant woman knows, your stress can distress your baby. Where delivery is concerned, high-stress levels can also slow things down, increase risks of complication, and generally ruin the experience.

With that in mind, you should take this time to relax as much as you can. That means chilling out for film days or even booking yourself in for calming pregnancy massages like those offered by Matrix Massage and Spa. Ideally, efforts like these should work wonders for helping you to stay calm in the now, and they could also help with labor on the big day in the following ways. 

A better headspace for birth

The entire concept of hypnobirthing rides on you having the right headspace during birth. If you instead approach with a high-stress, no-can-do attitude, then there’s far more risk of what’s known as a ‘traumatic birth.’. By instead unloading that stress in advance and approaching your birth with a calm and open mental attitude, you might just find that you can become one of those mad moms who enjoys the positive birth experience as the miracle it is. 

Less tension in your body

Far from just improving your outlook, de-stressing releases tension in the body. This is perhaps the most beneficial thing for birth, as tense muscles can lead to common pregnancy health issues, drastically slower labor, and even higher risks of forceps and stitches. By instead removing stress in the lead-up, you can get rid of excess tensions, and remain limber and open to the birth experience. Massages, yoga, and other such techniques could even see you enjoying the smooth, natural labor of your dreams. 

A good grounding for newborn struggles

Let us not forget, either, that your due date itself is just the beginning of what you have ahead of you. Even after the physical birth process, you’ll have sleepless nights and a dependent newborn to deal with. It should go without saying, then, that stress that prevents you from relaxing or getting the necessary sleep before your birth can have a detrimental effect afterward. Instead, calming yourself as much as possible allows you to stockpile the rest you need now to cope with whatever your newborn journey brings.

However you decide to go about it, then, de-stressing during this crucial time can work wonders. Not to mention that it can help you to feel mentally prepared for the potentially draining reality of what’s ahead.

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