How To Express Yourself Through a Home Renovation

Learn how to express yourself through a home renovation and make your house a home that fits your individual needs and style!

How To Express Yourself Through a Home Renovation

Home renovation is a tricky art to get right. But unless painting on a canvas or drawing in a notebook, you cannot easily start over or replace with a blank slate once things are in motion. Usually, you need to consider your plans carefully before you even begin to change the first thing, or lay the first brick. Measure twice, cut once is the old adage, but measure one hundred times, cut once is perhaps a more useful phrase when considering home renovation.

With all this practical planning and careful assessment, you may lose your idea of what you wanted in the first place. This can leave you feeling somewhat put out and worried, because losing your imaginative streak and creative potential can feel saddening, and may even lead the project in a direction you don’t want to go. But for amateur or first time home renovators, getting this balancing act right is a herculean task. This means understanding how to properly express yourself through home renovation is important to consider ahead of time.

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Utilize Excellent Architects

Using excellent architects to your advantage is not a ‘cheat code,’ it’s practical wisdom. No matter how gifted you are in the area of home renovation, we cannot possibly match architects who have studied the ethos behind home design to a fault, as their input can be as valuable as diamonds when helping you extract the best value from your house. There’s a reason why architectural school is so grueling and why experience is hard-won, and that’s because once that foundation has been applied, self build architects can help you establish the best of your plans in no uncertain terms. Be sure to utilize them, and you’ll see the difference.

Think Outside Of The Box

Think outside of the box if you can. Doing so will grant you a major ability to avoid conventional thinking and instead opt for a design motif that still grants you something you need. For instance, an open plan option may not be available when trying to keep in supporting walls for the upper floors, but the use of orientation, hall management and floor plan specificity may help you unlock the best of both worlds – provided you’re willing to justify those choices.

Work Within The Design Of Your Home

Working within the design of your home is important, because all extensions or renovations must be informed by what came there before. This may mean working around the depth of a bay window, or keeping the basement in mind under your feet, or perhaps ensuring your extension is both modern yet still keeps the original construction format of the ‘old’ sections of the house, thus allowing for an exterior design uniformity that can look absolutely stunning. You needn’t be dictated to by this, but using your home consideration can certainly inform your approach.

How do you think you could express yourself through a home renovation?

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