Our Top Tips for How to Find More Joy In Cooking

It is common to fall out of love with cooking from time to time, especially if you cook for yourself or for too many people. 

Don’t worry, the passion will soon come back if you know how to reignite the passion. 

Here are some top tips for how to find more joy in cooking.

Couple finding joy in cooking

Search for answers online if you are stuck

It is common to get stuck for inspiration while cooking as much as it is to be unsure how to cook something a certain way. Hence, it is always a good idea to search for answers online when you get stuck. Instead of worrying and putting a stop to your creation, you can get your answer within minutes and continue making what you desired. 

Whether you want to find out how to cook refried beans in a pressure cooker or make your own salad dressing, it is always a good idea to use the internet to find your cooking answers. 

Try new ways of cooking

Trying new ways of cooking is a good way to help reignite inspiration and find more joy in cooking.

For instance, you could try low and slow cooking to help make your meat dishes more tender. Instead of grilling your chicken or making your casserole on the stove, you can pop all of your ingredients into a slow cooker and make the dish taste and feel completely different. 

Cook from fresh when you have time

Although you might enjoy the taste and satisfaction of cooking a meal from fresh, you simply might not have time every night. Instead of stressing yourself after a long day, use the shorter periods to cook easier meals. 

Then, when you have more time, you can spend longer creating some fresh and exciting. You won’t feel pressured into cooking quicker and instead, you can enjoy it more. You will find more joy in cooking when you cook according to how much time you have. 

Invite people over

If you find that you dislike cooking because you cook for yourself, then why not invite people over?

You can try new recipes and enjoy the social aspect of eating. It can be easy to cook quick meals when it is just for yourself. But, when you have people to host, you can go to town and try new things that you wouldn’t otherwise bother cooking

Transform your kitchen into a place that you love 

Sometimes a lack of love for cooking isn’t even to do with the food itself. It might be the space that you are using to cook that puts you off of spending hours creating a new dish or baking a cake

Hence, it could be a brilliant idea to transform your kitchen. Making the room a place that you love to be in will make you feel relaxed and comfortable while you are prepping, cooking, and serving. You could even make it a place that you love being in the most, which will encourage you to cook even more and enjoy it thoroughly. 

Get someone to help with prepping and cooking

If you dislike cooking alone, then use it as an excuse to get someone to help. It could be your children, a partner, or a friend. Having someone there to help you and socialize with can make the experience a lot more fun and fulfilling. 

You don’t have to ask someone to help you everytime you cook. But, from time to time it can be helpful and comforting, which will bring the joy back into the kitchen

Cook a family favorite

Sometimes the most joy comes from seeing people enjoy the food that you have made them. Hence, why not cook up a family favorite and put a smile on your loved one’s faces?

The more you get together with your loved ones to enjoy a meal, the more fulfillment and satisfaction you can get from cooking. You won’t feel like you have wasted your time if you all eat together. Sometimes it is nice to sit and chat over a nice meal, which makes the mealtime even more enjoyable. 

Although you might lose your interest and passion for cooking from time to time, don’t worry as it will always come back. Transforming your kitchen, asking for help, and finding new recipes online are all easy ways to bring the joy back into cooking. Be experimental and having company will always guarantee to make cooking and mealtime much more fun and satisfying. 

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