How to Fully Enjoy Your Summer Vacation Time

In the summer, there are ways to enjoy your summer vacation at home. You can get outside and exercise, visit local attractions, start a simple garden, plan an outing at the beach or park, and take up a hobby or practice. Over 90% of working Americans say vacation is important to them. With some planning, you can enjoy your time at home during the summer. Below are a few ways to enjoy summer with your family and friends.

Enjoy The Outdoors And Exercise

Walk, bike, or run in the neighborhood that you live in in the early morning or evening when it is cooler. Find a form of exercise you enjoy so that you will stick to your routine. If you have other women in the neighborhood, exercise together, and find someone to watch your kids when you do.

Invite some of your children’s friends over in the evening to play games outdoors like basketball, kickball, lawn slip, and slide, badminton, blowing bubbles, bocce, frisbee, or other games. Invite the parents to participate in the evening games. Serve some healthy snacks and beverages during the evening for your guests.

Visit Local Museums and Attractions

Learn more about the town or city you live in. Plan a day trip to visit a local museum or attraction with family and friends. It can be a local museum with a historical interest, a cemetery, a park, or a store. You can visit a local graveyard and look at the tombstones and discuss the difference in the designs and what is written on them. When you go to an art gallery, take time to discuss some of the paintings or sculptures you see. Visit a gift shop, candy store, or general store to learn about some of the products they sell and give everyone money to buy something fun.

Work in the Yard or Start A Simple Garden

Taking care of the lawn is good exercise and keeps your garden and lawn looking good. Mowing the lawn and watering the grass to keep the yard looking organized will give you an incentive to invite family and friends over. Most lawns need one inch of water weekly, so this can be a weekly task you can assign to your children too. Visit the local garden center and add some plants to your garden if you are an avid gardener. Start a simple garden if you do not have one by buying potted plants for your patio or deck. Learn how to care for them and give your children some simple tasks to learn to water, weed, and care for them. Try growing herbs or vegetables in pots. Some are easy to grow and you can use them in cooking.

Plan An Outing At The Beach or Park

Plan an outing at the local beach or park for an afternoon. Pack a cooler and bring a prepared lunch or meal for the group. Bring water or cold beverages, sandwiches, fruits, and items that do not spoil. Try to find locations with activities: swimming, walking, picnicking, and barbecuing. Order food from a local barbecue restaurant or burger venue and take the food to a park for an afternoon picnic. Bring some games that the children can play outdoors on your excursion.

Take Up a Hobby or Practice

Take up a hobby or practice that you can do at home during the summer. It can be sewing, crafts, writing, cooking, yoga, pilates, or Tai chi. You can encourage your children to learn something new too. Children can write, draw, put together model cars or planes, build a train set, learn a new language, or learn computer skills. Yoga and tai chi are great ways to exercise and learn to control stress. They can be done at home using videos or buying a book on the subject. Yoga teaches discipline, and 50% of yoga practitioners say they live sustainably, eat healthily and donate time to their community.

These are some tips on how to enjoy the summer while it lasts. You can even enjoy the summer with your family planning activities weekly instead of months ahead.

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