How To Have The Perfect Night In

It’s getting cooler outside, so now is the time to learn how to have the perfect night in!

Netflix seems to be the go-to option for a night in these days, but before the days of Netflix, there was plenty to do, it might just be that we have forgotten. If you want a night in and feel like you’ve watched everything you want to, then look no further because this list will give you some inspiration for how to have the perfect night in:

Organize Yourself

Our busy lives can mean that we often procrastinate or end up doing mundane tasks at the weekend when we should be relaxing. Remember it’s okay to turn down a night out for a bit of life admin sometimes. Studies have shown that some privacy is excellent for productivity, so why not put on your favorite playlist and do all the things on your list?

Actually Relax

A relaxing night doesn’t just mean a bath bomb and a face mask; it’s about doing what you want to do and doing the things that relax you. There is nothing wrong with passing up a social event to chill out on your own, so make the most of it. Order some wine from Naked Winery ahead of time, so you know it’s there waiting for you, then maybe have an early night, or snuggle up in bed and read a good book – whatever it is for you that is relaxing. 

Practice A New Hobby

Decide on a new hobby and devote your evening to fun and self-betterment. Are you the creative type? Try chalk painting, sketching, or ceramics. If you love to write, grab a journal. I’ve notice watercolor painting trending — try it out!

Get Stuck Into A Good Book – But Make It Special

Reading often feels like more work than mindless television…which it is but it can also be so much more fun and rewarding. Once you get stuck into a good book, you can’t put it down plus, your brain will thank you for the stimulation, and your body will thank you for the relaxation. To make it even more enticing, put on a nice pair of pajamas and enjoy the book with a delicious snack and a glass or two of excellent wine.

Start an evening workout plan

There are loads of apps or YouTube videos to try for simple at-home workouts, so if you decide to spend your evening doing some Yoga or trying out a new workout, then don’t think of it as another chore you have to do, instead think of it as an enjoyable way to spend your evening, and be amazed at how quickly your mindset toward getting fit changes!

DIY Something For Yourself

Chances are there’s something you need to DIY around your house so why not schedule a fun project for a weeknight in? You’ll not only have a productive evening, but you’ll end up with an excellent DIY product to show for it.

chocolate layer cake

Cook An OTT (Over the Top) Meal

Cooking a meal can be your entertainment for the evening. Pick out a dish you’ve always want to try, and follow that up with baking something delicious for dessert. You’ll have a fantastic time, an excellent meal, and – with any luck – amazing leftovers for tomorrow.

Get Comfy

Get out your favorite comfy sweater and fur-lined slippers, a plush bathrobe over flannel PJs, or your best lived-in jeans and a T-Shirt. Whatever works for you. Or, just as you would buy an outfit for a night out, why not treat yourself to a comfy outfit for a night in? Then get out the softest, thickest, warmest blankets you own and get snug. 

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