How to Help Your Child Start Orthodontic Treatment During the School Year

After the summer holiday, you want to prepare your kids for the upcoming school year. You want the transition to be easy and effective to allow them to concentrate on their academics. However, if your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment, you might want to handle the preparations differently. As a family, ensure that your child feels prepared for everything that entails orthodontic treatment and the new school year. Here are the top tips to consider and help your child.

Prepare and Pack an Orthodontic Care Kit

For people undergoing orthodontic treatment, the luxury of brushing their teeth after every meal is not present. This also means handling such a situation without affecting the functionality of Invisalign that your child uses. When you prepare and pack an orthodontic care kit, you avoid issues that might delay or affect the orthodontic treatment process. Kids move a lot and engage in activities that might cause wear and tear of the Invisalign aligners. With a care kit, you will avoid changing the aligners after every two weeks. It will be possible for your child to enjoy 10 days of wear with less movement and up to three weeks of wear in complex movements when you prepare and pack an orthodontic care kit. Toothpaste, toothbrush, flossing picks, and dental floss are among the things to include in the care kit.

Support Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Orthodontic treatment can be complex for many people. For children, their self-esteem gets affected when they fail to get proper guidance. You should support your child’s self-esteem before they start orthodontic treatment. Children are self-conscious of their appearance once they start wearing braces or Invisalign. Ensure that your family provides the support and encouragement the child needs before the school year starts. Your child needs to feel assured of their appearance once they step into the classroom. You should let your child know that they can maintain healthy teeth and smiles through orthodontic treatment. Tell them wearing braces or Invisalign is short-term, and the goal is to have a new and beautiful smile in the long run.

Schedule Orthodontic Appointments in Advance

With many extracurricular activities that your child can get involved in during the school year, having time to visit and seek dental and orthodontic services can be hard. You should schedule orthodontic appointments in advance and communicate with the school management. Ensure your child doesn’t miss any of their appointments during the orthodontic treatment period. You should also find the right orthodontist within your home or school areas for convenience. This means checking online for new dental clinics in the area and reviewing their services. You should note that to find a new healthcare provider, 77% of patients use online reviews to save time and resources. When you find an orthodontist and schedule the appointments in advance, your child can have the best school year.

Prepare Them for Dietary Changes

Firstly, let your child know that they will have to change what and how they eat before the school year starts. It is important to work together with your child to understand the restrictions if they use metallic braces. This also means identifying foods and drinks that work best for children undergoing orthodontic treatment. You should also consult your dentist before taking your child through the process. Note that the dietary changes can make eating well hard once they resume school. Let your child know how hard food, sugary drinks, and acidic foods or drinks can affect the orthodontic treatment process.

Teach Them Proper Hygiene

Now that your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment and is wearing braces or Invisalign, they should be aware that a simple tooth brushing routine is not enough to maintain oral and dental hygiene. Guide your child through proper oral and dental hygiene before the school year begins. How they clean and floss their teeth in the morning and evening is vital. You should also engage their teachers in the hygiene practice routine and let them know its importance. Note that in most private schools, the ratio of students to teachers is 12:1 in a small-sized class, making it possible for your child to get effective attention from their teachers. You monitor your child’s progress easily when you involve the teachers in the dental care routine.

After the long summer holiday, starting a new school year can be stressful for children undergoing orthodontic treatment. It is crucial for your family, especially your child, to adapt to the new changes. This also means knowing tips to consider, as highlighted above.

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