How to Help Your Child Succeed In a Digital Academic Environment

Over 50% of parents understand that digital school is conducive to their child’s learning style. However, it is essential that parents help their children succeed in a digital environment. This includes having kitchen essential items available. Here’s what you need to know.

Parents Should Not Assume What Students Know

Children of today have grown up with technology. It is easy to believe that they can pick up any technology and just innately know how to use it. The children of today are often referred to as digital natives. This term refers to those who grew up understanding the language or computers, the internet, and video games. The result of this is that many educators assume that children just know how to use the technology. While they have been immersed in technology since birth, they may not instinctively know how to use any technology. Children are great at surfing the internet, but they may not understand how to apply the skill to education. Parents can provide the right amount of guidance, and teachers can provide the appropriate amount of instruction to help children engage with technology in and out of the class. One of the most significant factors for student achievement is the quality of the teacher.

Determine the Technology Readiness of the Classroom

It takes planning, preparation, and time to transform into a digital environment. It is not something that students or teachers can jump into without planning. Any time a new device is purchased or an online platform is downloaded, you should determine if the classroom is really ready to support technology. It takes a team to work together to help a classroom-ready itself for a transition to technology. Administrators, educators, IT teams, and even parents can work together to reach the same goals. This should include considering budgets, networks, and infrastructure before new technology is brought into the classroom.

Reduce Distractions

It has been found that students spend a significant amount of time on their devices. In addition, they spend a considerable amount of time on them for non-school reasons. When children move to an online environment, the chances of them being constantly connected to their devices increases. Parents may want to limit the use of devices for their children, especially for non-school interaction. You want to make sure children get enough sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend that middle and high school students begin 8:30 AM or later in order for students to get adequate sleep and be prepared to learn at school. It is essential to ensure that children have enough to eat so they can focus on school work. They should have the kitchen essential items they need.

Helping children make the transition to a digital environment includes more than just making sure their devices work. It also means having kitchen essential items on hand and proper sleep.

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