How to Help Your Elderly Neighbors This Fall

If you have elderly neighbors, you can help them live more comfortably in a number of ways. With fall approaching especially, they may have needs which you can help them solve and step in as their family would. If you would like to do this, here are five ways in which you can give your elderly neighbors some help this fall.

Help With Chores

People getting on in age may find it increasingly difficult to keep up with basic chores like doing their laundry and cleaning the dishes. When you have some time to spare, you can find out from your elderly neighbors if they are able to stay on top of these things, or if they need some help with them. The National Center for Assisted Living shares that currently, more than 835,000 Americans are taking residence in assisted living communities. This is a large number, but it does not cover the whole aging population. If you have aging neighbors who are still living within their house and with no extra care, you should help them whenever possible.

Find Out if They Need Groceries

When you go out to get groceries, you could drop in to find out if they need any help getting their own groceries. They may currently be unable to go out for this, leaving them stranded. Doing this won’t take more effort on your part than you would have spent to get your own groceries, so it’s a simple task that you can regularly help them with.

Offer to Drive them to Doctor’s Appointments

The fact that four out of five older adults will experience at least one chronic illness or condition like osteoporosis, arthritis, or a heart condition while 50% of them will battle two means that there’s a chance your elderly neighbors need regular medical assistance. You could check with them if they need help getting to their doctors’ appointments on a regular basis, and if you can manage to fit this into your schedule, they will appreciate the help a lot.

Spend Some Time With Them

Loneliness is often disregarded as something that can lead to deterioration of health, but it is. Whenever you can, invite your elderly neighbors over to spend some time with them and share a meal. There’s a good chance that they will be glad for this, given that most elderly people don’t live close to their children and other family members. Sharing your company with them will help them avoid boredom, and if this can be a regular occurrence, they will have something to look forward to.

Call Their Children If More Help is Needed

As much as you may like to help, you may not be able to cover all of your elderly neighbor’s needs. When you realize that they’re in a situation that will be too much for you to handle like needing specialized care or extensive financial assistance, reach out to their family on their behalf. You will need to let them know your intentions so they can give you their family’s contacts and facilitate communication in the first place. At the moment, 15% of the American population or 44 million beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare. Your elderly neighbor’s family may help facilitate this or come up with another solution to make sure that their loved one’s health is taken care of.

Helping out your elderly neighbors is a noble cause, but one that does not need to strain you beyond what is reasonable. Give it your best, and have their family help out with the rest.

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