How To Help Your Partner With A Health Issue

A health issue can cause havoc on a relationship. When you’re in a committed relationship, you’ll want to help your partner with anything that is troubling them, and this includes their health. In fact, if you’re married, you would even have made vows telling God and those present at your wedding that you intend to do just that. 

However, it can sometimes be hard to help in this way, especially if your partner or spouse doesn’t think there’s anything wrong or doesn’t like to talk about personal matters such as their health. The good news is, there are some ways to help them start talking and to give you a chance to do something to help them. Read on to find out what you can do. 

Be loving and kind when helping your spouse with a health issue

How To Help Your Partner With A Health Issue

Consider Their Personality 

You know your partner better than anyone in the world. That means you’ll know exactly how they’re going to take to you asking about their health, and how they’ll take to you giving them advice about it or trying to help them in any way. It might be that they get very defensive or that they don’t listen to the input you’re giving them. Perhaps it’s the opposite; if you mention that you think they might have a problem, will they then hang every issue on that idea and use it as an excuse? 

Whatever the situation, you’ll need to think carefully about your partner’s personality and work out the right way to address the problem. You don’t want to scare them or make them clam up when you’re trying to help

Do Your Research 

Whatever it is your partner or spouse might be facing – or potentially facing – it’s best to do your research before addressing it. Whether it’s drug abuse, their hearing, their mental health, or you’ve noticed they’re not eating as well or sleeping through the night, find out as much as you can about the issue before you speak to them about it. In this way, not only can you let them know you’ve noticed something potentially problematic, but you’ll know how to combat it too. 

If you can go to them with an entire plan that not only tells them something is wrong (which they’ve more than likely already noticed) but that also gives them a way to work towards solving the issue, they are much more likely to want to listen and to talk about how they’re feeling, knowing there are options for them and that you support them enough to learn what those options are. 

Approach The Subject Lightly 

Health is always a personal and potentially sensitive issue, and if you don’t tackle the problem lightly and in a non-confrontational way, you might find that your partner chooses to ignore the issue because they don’t like being told what to do or because they feel you’re nagging them

It’s best to approach the subject lightly, carefully, and always with complete support. It is this support that, if something really is wrong, will be most important of all, and showing it at all times will help your partner to understand that you’re not nagging, you’re not being mean, but instead, you’re genuinely concerned about their health

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