How to Help Your Senior Loved One as They Retire


Retirement is a time for big changes. It can be a daunting stage of life, and if you have a senior loved one you may like to support them through this transition. For those who are downsizing and moving into a retirement village, there will be a period of adjustment as they settle into their new home.

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While it can be overwhelming, retirement should also be enjoyable. Your loved one will have more time to relax, try new things, and reconnect with friends and family. With the following tips you can help your senior with what they need for a happy and healthy retirement:

Get the Right Healthcare Coverage

It is important to get the right healthcare plan, and you can support your loved one through the application process. Most permanent U.S. residents over 65 will be eligible for Medicare, but the basic level of health insurance doesn’t cover everything, such as dental or vision coverage. This coverage can be added on in a supplemental plan such as a Medicare Advantage plan. Seniors will benefit from Medicare dental insurance as it can significantly reduce the cost of any dentistry treatments. Regular dentist visits will keep their teeth healthy and reduce the risk of more serious issues. The same goes for vision and hearing aid coverage, which can be vital for seniors as they age.

Find Local Activities

Your senior loved one will have more time on their hands and participating in community activities will be beneficial. They may like to volunteer at a charity organization, join a group, or learn something new.

Options include fitness classes, cooking clubs, sewing lessons, dancing, lawn bowls, or tennis. There is something to suit any interest and often activities will be catered specifically to those over 65.

Reduce Expenses

When leaving the workforce there can be a reduction of income. You can help your senior loved one to manage their finances by understanding where their money is going. It could be a good time to have a yard sale so they can minimize clutter and sell any items they no longer need.

If they have debts, look at ways to consolidate them and work out a plan to pay off any credit cards. A weekly budget can be useful, and you may like to visit a financial planner for advice.

Make Them Comfortable

Seniors usually spend more time at home and you can help make this easier by making their space comfortable. Ensure their fridge and pantry are stocked with food, and they have everything they need for daily living.

Take care of any maintenance tasks, including the lawns, paintwork, and cleaning. For those with mobility issues, you can have accessible fixtures installed. These might include ramps, grab rails, and shower seating.

Stay Connected

Technology keeps us connected, and you can assist your senior loved one by setting up any devices. They may need to be shown how to use a computer, smartphone, TV, or tablet. In addition to the basics, you can offer to set up streaming services and video chat.

Once they get the hang of technology they won’t feel as lonely since they can video call their children and grandchildren with confidence.

Golden Years

With your support, the senior in your life can have a happy and healthy retirement. They may be worried about their health and finances, and you can help them find the right insurance for their needs. 

They can keep active by being part of the community, and you can set up their home with technology to help them feel connected. 

How do you help your senior in your life?

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