How To Keep Your Animals Happy

Happy goat

Whether you’ve had animals on your farm for a while, or this is something very new to you, you always need to think about the welfare of these creatures as you’re the one that’s responsible for them. The addition of animals on a farm can be a really nice thing, because it gives you more to engage with rather than just crops. And once you find your own routine of things, they can make you a decent living too depending on whether you have much competition within the industry.

But one of the most important things, is keeping them happy. If they’re not happy, not only is it unfair to them, but they won’t give you what you need anyway. So here’s what you have to ensure that you have happy animals!


Bear in mind that you will need a lot of food – a lot. Even when you think you have enough, you’ll still need more. This can vary slightly with the animals you have, but know that they get through food very quickly, so if you want to save as much money in this department as you can, then it’s always wise to buy in bulk as the deals always work out cheaper than if you keep going back and buying bags individually. You always need to try and keep variety in the animal’s diet. For example, chickens will quite happily eat crushed mixed corn every day. But it pays off to throw in some treats here and there, like fresh bits of fruit and vegetables.


Regardless of what kind of animal you’re catering for, you always need to make sure that they have the appropriate mobile field shelters so that they’re always safe and covered when need be. Even if you have a secure field for them to roam, you still need somewhere to lock them up in at night in case of any threats once the sun goes down from other animals. Not only that, but the weather won’t always be on your side, and you’ll have rainy, windy, cold, and snowy days to deal with, and your animals may not survive that kind of brutal weather without the right shelter.


If you want your animals to have a really happy life, then you need to give them freedom. Never think that it is acceptable to keep your animals cooped up in crates or sheds where they can barely move around in. This is not okay, and not only can it cause harm to their physical health by lack of fresh air and exercise, but it can also take a toll on their mental health too – yes, animals get depressed too. And from that, they won’t be acting like they should, or socialising with other animals, let alone breed, because you’re taking them out of their natural habitat and keeping them prisoner. So give them land, and grass, and air, and sun. Let them wander around and play. That’s what they should be doing.

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