How To Keep Your Car Clean When You Have A Pet

How do you keep your car clean when you have a pet? Cleaning the car probably isn’t your favorite job but you need to do it regularly if you want to keep the car in good condition. They get dirty quickly and if you aren’t cleaning it inside and out, it’s not going to be very pleasant to drive around in. But if you’ve got a pet, it’s so much harder to keep your car clean. You’ll get hair everywhere and it will quickly start to smell and it seems like as soon as you clean the car out, it immediately gets dirty again. You might feel like you just want to give up and accept that you’re just not going to have a clean car but there’s no need to do that just yet. It is still possible to have a clean car when you have a pet if you just do these things.

How To Keep Your Car Clean When You Have A Pet

Get The Right Seats

When you’re buying a new car, you should plan ahead for your pet and take them into account when making decisions about the interior. The material that you choose for the seats is the most important thing to consider because some will be a lot easier to clean than others. Leather or vinyl are the best materials because they will be easy to wipe clean if there is any mess after having your pet in the car. Any accidents are going to leave big stains on soft fabric seats so it’s best to avoid them. If you do decide to go for fabric seats, you should treat them with a protective layer so they wipe clean easily. 

It’s also worth getting some seat covers in the car for an added layer of protection. That way, it doesn’t matter too much if they get damaged or stained because you can just take them off and clean them and eventually replace them when they get too worn. You should also get some thick blankets or sheets that you can put down when you’re driving with pets so they aren’t getting hair all over the seats. 

Get Plenty Of Air Fresheners 

The smell is one of the biggest problems when you’ve got pets in the car and you can’t really avoid it, but you can do some simple things to keep the car smelling fresh when you don’t have the pets with you. Get plenty of personalized air fresheners in there and change them over on a regular basis and that should help to get rid of the smell of your pets. You should also leave the window open for a while after driving with pets so you can air the car out. If you don’t do that, the smell will stick to the furnishings in the car and it will be a lot harder to get out. 

Keep Them In One Area 

Trying to limit your pets to one area of the car means that the hair will collect in one place and it will be a lot easier to clean up afterwards. If you have enough room in the back, you can get a crate or a cage in there so they can’t move around too much. You can also get restraints to put around them if they are on the back seat so they stay in one place. You’ll still have the hair to deal with but it won’t be all over the car so it will be quicker to clean up. 

Clean Straight Away 

Cleaning the car may be the last thing on your mind after a long drive but you’ll make life a lot easier for yourself if you do a quick clean as soon as you get your pets out of the car. If you let it sit and clean the car once a month, you’ll be dealing with a mountain of hair and it will be a big job. But if you just get the vacuum out and give it a quick once over after every trip, it will be a lot more manageable. If you’re struggling to get hair out with the vacuum, you can use this simple trick with rubber gloves. Simply put on a pair of gloves and wet your hands, then run your hands over the seats and you will pick up the majority of the hair. 

Do Regular Deep Cleans 

Even if you give the car a quick clean after going out with your pets, there will still be some mess left over which is why you need to do a regular deep clean. Whenever you’re doing other general car maintenance, you should also take the time to do a deep clean of the car and get right into the gaps between seats to clean all of the hair and dirt out. 

Keeping the car clean when you have a pet is tough but if you follow these steps, you can stay on top of it. 

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