How To Limit Screen Time For The Kids

With technology being a thing that most younger generations are growing up with, it’s important to set some ground rules about the use of screen time for your children. Here are some tips to limit screen time for kids.

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Be A Role Model

Remember that children can pick up anything and everything when they’re young. They see what you are doing and can often mimic it. So when it comes to spending too much time in front of the television, it’s important to deliver the same attitude to yourself and be a good role model.  Try to limit the amount of television or screen time that you have when your children are present. You can always watch more after they’ve gone to bed, but it’s important to try and set a good example so that they can see that you are doing the same. Children will often bite back if they see one rule for them and another rule for yourself. Saying you’re an adult isn’t going to be a good argument to hit them back with, so just try to be a good role model.

Have A Window Of Screen Time

A good way of limiting screen time is by making sure you give them a window of opportunity to use the television or electronic device. This could be for an hour or two before or after dinner, and on weekends it could be the afternoon or a few hours in the morning. It’s important to set these windows so that not all of their time is spent on electronics and rather they have some time with you too. They should recognize that family time is also important, and that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the television together.

Reward Extra Time 

Use screen time as a reward for them doing something good. This could be them doing their homework on time or doing chores around the house. Troypoint has some great advice on streaming options and giving a new entertainment option could be their reward for hard work at school. They need to have a good relationship with screen time where it’s seen as a bonus and not necessarily something they have all the time.

Talk To Kids About Dangers

There are always going to be dangers on the internet and with technology in general. It’s important that your children are made aware of the dangers that are presented through these screens and what to look out for. You can also set limits and security precautions for your internet and making sure they can’t access certain websites or social media platforms past a certain time at night. This might also help the older children with phones, playing on their devices in bed.

Limiting your screen time for the children will definitely have its benefits, and hopefully, they can stop being so reliant on the electronics as they get older. A healthy use of them is important, so make sure that happens whilst they’re in your care predominantly. 

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