How To Look After Your Family’s Home

When it comes to your family there is very little you wouldn’t do to ensure their wellbeing and ensuring their wellbeing comes in many forms. It is, of course, assuring they are well looked after, fed, clothed, and watered but it is also ensuring they have a warm and welcoming family home. A home that your family feels comfortable in will make them feel safe and secure and will in turn improve their wellbeing no end. Looking after your family home doesn’t have to be expensive and neither do you need to own your own home to do so. Here are some simple but effective ways you can look after your family home to ensure that everyone feels happy and safe in their own home.

A family's home living room with comfortable furniture and accessories

Smoke detectors

Installing a smoke detector in your home is as essential as having a front door. A smoke detector will alert you when there is a potential fire and could save your and your family’s life. Having a smoke detector is non-negotiable. That said it is all very well having one but do you ensure that it is well maintained and in good working order? While a detector is designed to be relatively maintenance-free there are some regular checks you can run to ensure it is working as it should be. Firstly, you can test your detector to ensure it is working and this should be done on a regular basis. It is recommended you test your detector at least once a month. The instruction manual will show you how to do it but it usually involves pressing a self-explanatory button on your detector. You should also clean your detector with a soft brush at least once a year and/or clean the cover with a damp cloth as and when it gets dirty. 

Damp proofing

Having damp in your home can be unpleasant, unhealthy, and dangerous so being aware of the causes of damp and how to treat or prevent them is crucial. Damp can be caused in several ways and one of the most common is poor ventilation. Poor ventilation is where the moisture that is generated in your home builds up with no means of escape and causes condensation. The good news is there are steps you can take to prevent this from occurring. Essentially, you want to ensure your home is well ventilated, simply opening a window can make a huge difference when moisture is building up, such as when using the shower or cooking. It is also highly recommended that you consider exhaust fan installation as this will expel moisture from a room and ensure it is well ventilated. Exhaust fans are recommended in kitchens and bathrooms and will help prevent the build of damp in these busy rooms. 

Another way to protect against damp is to ensure your plumbing is intact, that there are no leaky taps, pipes, or faulty boilers, and to ensure your home is fully weatherproof. Ways in which you can weatherproof your home are to add a layer of waterproof bitumen paint to the exterior and run a check on all external points in your home. Are all the windows and doors in good working order, with no cracks or leaks?

Home security systems for your family’s home

Home security systems have become more and more sophisticated over the years and can provide homeowners with an incredible level of protection. The main purpose of a home security system is to protect your home and the people in it. Security systems essentially act as a deterrent to potential intruders as traditionally an alarm would sound if someone entered a house when the alarm was set. Today however home security systems can do much more than sound an alarm. They can monitor and film intruders on the interior and exterior of a property, this footage can be of remarkable quality and can later be used in legal proceedings should it be required. They can also trigger a call to the police to attend a property, or they can allow homeowners or the systems operatives to communicate with intruders. Home security systems have many uses and many advantages beyond deterring potential burglars, what is more installing a home security system can help lower your insurance premiums. 


It can be all too easy to put off all those repair jobs that are mounting up. They can be tedious and time-consuming but if you don’t keep on top of ongoing maintenance and repairs they can lead to much bigger problems. Problems that could be very expensive and potentially dangerous. Take for example a leaky pipe, it may only be leaking ever so slightly, you may not have even really noticed it at first but this continuous leak can build up over time and create dampness or even rot. Water can cause irreversible damage to carpets, flooring, or walls, and leaving it untreated could have some devastating consequences. So even if a repair job seems small don’t put it off. If you don’t think you have the skill set required for the job then call in the professionals. It will be money well spent. 

Look after the roof

A roof replacement is a very last thing you want to hear as a homeowner. It can be incredibly costly and very inconvenient. To avoid finding yourself in this position or in the situation that a damaged roof is affecting the comfort and safety of your home you need to ensure you undertake regular maintenance of your roof. Regular roof maintenance can help to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems and prevent any leaks or damage from occurring. Roof maintenance can be very dangerous to undertake and complex to perform where work is required. If you don’t feel confident scaling a ladder to inspect and protect your roof then it is worth calling upon the professionals to carry out an inspection of your roof and to undertake any maintenance the roof may require. It is recommended that this is done at least once a year or in the wake of any particularly adverse weather, such as damaging storms. 

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