How to Lose Weight On a Busy Schedule

Do you know how to lose weight on a busy schedule? Check out some of our easy-to-implement tips to give you a jump start!

Losing weight is hard to say the least, but when you have a busy schedule, you may find that things become even more difficult. You may find that you have a schedule full of appointments, errands and other obligations that suck your time up. When you have all of this to deal with, you will find that it is more difficult than ever for you to meet your weight loss goals.

Woman trying to lose weight on a busy schedule

Plan Ahead

Every Sunday, it’s vital that you shut off a few hours so that you can plan and prepare all of your meals. Meal prepping saves a lot of time and energy, not to mention that it is key if you want to stay on track with all of your nutritional goals. If you want to help yourself here, then you need to make a meal plan and stick to it. Pick up some extra groceries, dice them and then snack on them throughout the week. If you do this, you also have them ready to add to any recipe.

Count Your Calories

In order to lose weight, your body needs to be in a calorie deficit, and that means consuming fewer calories than the average calories needed, whether you’re a man or a woman. There are plenty of free resources to take advantage of in order to work this out online. A calorie deficit is easy to figure out, but it can be hard to adjust to when you might be used to eating over this deficit every day. It might take some practice in terms of learning about what foods you can and can’t have, but it can definitely be helpful for you to practice counting your calories to help lose weight.

Store Healthy Snacks

Another thing that you can do is store some healthy snacks so that you can put an end to your cravings in the morning. If you do this then you won’t be relying on what is available at the corner shop or even the vending machine. If you want a very high protein snack, then you will want to try and do some hard-boiled eggs or even beef jerky.

Drink More

Research has shown time and time again that if you drink water before a meal then this can help you to feel way fuller. If you want to help yourself here, then make sure that you carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times. Ideally you need to drink around 8 ounces of water every single day.

Keep Fruit Available

When you keep fruit on the counter, you will find it much easier to eat healthily. The same concept applies to work as well. Replace your candy bowl with some fresh fruit. Bananas are fantastic for potassium and pears can be eaten if you want a nice low-calorie snack.

Eat at the Table

Instead of eating at your desk as you try and catch up on your emails, make sure that you get away from the screen and that you sit down at the table. This may sound counter-intuitive as you will be able to multitask but at the end of the day, research has shown time and time again that you are far more likely to consume bigger amounts of food if you eat when you are distracted. If you can, you need to pay attention to your food, and only your food as this will help you to stop mindlessly eating.

Maximize High-Intensity Workouts

There is absolutely no need for you to spend a full hour on the treadmill. In fact, the most effective way for you to really workout and get fit would be for you to do high-intensity intervals. This is essentially sets of high-intensity workouts. You will need to make sure that you do them back to back if you can as this will help you to get the best result overall. If you are very serious about your workout then you will be able to get a full workout done in as little as 10 minutes.  If you have never worked out then you can easily try building up to doing 1 pull-up.

Have a Game Plan

If you know that your calendar is going to be full with dinner dates, then you need to make sure that you do everything you can to avoid high-calorie, salty snacks. Avoiding sweet treats is also essential. The key to sticking with your plan is to try and not deprive yourself completely, but for you to be sensible with the way that you indulge. Give your willpower a chance and have a plan so that you can deal with your temptation. One easy way for you to make sure that everything is under your calorie limit would be for you to split your desserts, appetisers and sides with someone else so that you can half the amount of calories you consume.

Of course, there really are so many things that you can do to try and lose weight, even if you are on a very busy schedule. If you want to help yourself the most then you need to try and monitor your intake using an app. This will cut out a lot of the guesswork for you.

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