How to Make Sure Your Kids Are Staying Healthy This Fall

By 2025, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, it is estimated that there will be a deficit of primary care physicians between 14,900 and 35,600. Below is a list of ultimate tips that will keep your kids healthy this fall.

Encourage Your Kids to Hydrate

Hydration during fall is just as important as during summer. Educating your children on the importance of drinking water will make it easier to adopt this habit. Water will help their bodies flush out toxins, promote digestion, and help maintain a healthy weight. Get them water bottles that they can carry all the time and set goals each day to encourage this practice. Also, remember to stay hydrated as a family because they learn from you.

Promote Proper Hygiene

Good hygiene practices positively impact your child’s health by reducing the chances of disease-causing organisms entering their bodies. Constantly remind them of these techniques this fall to make it a habit.

Insist on Frequent Hand Washing – Teach your children to wash their hands with soap every time they use the toilet, before eating, after blowing their nose, and after playing outside. Also, teach them the correct technique: to wet, lather, scrub for at least 20 seconds, rinse, and dry.

Trim Their Nails – Apart from being neat, this will reduce the accumulation of germs under the nails.

Encourage Them to Shower After Playing – This hygiene practice ensures that your kids feel fresh and healthy all the time, which improves their self-confidence.

Pay Attention to Their Nutrition

In the U.S., approximately 42% of the population is vitamin D deficient. This is an indication that many households are not consuming a balanced diet. As a parent, you have the responsibility to provide your children with healthy foods. You should serve foods that have sufficient proteins, carbs, fats, and vitamins which are essential in strengthening the immune system. It’s also important to ensure you feed them frequent little meals to curb cravings.

Ensure They Get Adequate Sleep

Regardless of the age of your kids, getting adequate sleep is essential. The immune system produces proteins called cytokines which fight inflammations and infections during sleep. To encourage this habit, ensure you follow a consistent sleep routine. Also, it is important to know that sleep needs vary by age, and therefore, you should schedule your child’s sleeping according to their age. Also, educate your children on the benefits of enough sleep and explain why it is necessary for an easier transition.

Invest in Well-Child Visits

In the U.S., approximately 27.5 million people did not have health insurance at any point in 2018. What you may not know is that well-child visits are covered by health insurance. As a parent, you don’t have to wait until your children become sick for you to see a doctor. Take charge of your child’s health by staying alert! Well-child visits enable your doctor to track your child’s growth, perform physical exams, and educate you on nutrition, health, and disease prevention.

Enjoy your fall! Your children will always look up to you for guidance. Healthy habits should be practiced by the whole family. Also, involve your children by giving them options.

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