How To Overcome Your Fear of the Doctor


Do you need to overcome your fear of the doctor? Discover tips and tricks that can work for all ages!

Latrophobia is the fear of going to the doctor, and statistics show that just 3% of the population experience such worries, it is still something that you should try to overcome. Unlike a fear of clowns, heights, or spiders, a doctor is a crucial part of life. You need to see the doctor when you’re sick. You cannot ignore the need to book an appointment as it’s your health at stake. But let’s say you experience a fear of going to the doctor. What can you do to overcome it?

Bring a Friend 

Moral support is a fantastic way for you to overcome your fear of the doctor, especially if they have a similar appointment at the same time. Even if they aren’t seeing the doctor, they can still drive you to your appointment, sit with you in the waiting room, and be there once you finish.

Their support is useful for easing your fears about the doctor and any procedures, and they can also distract you while you wait. Often, people are scared about going to the doctors because they get too much into their heads, but with someone there to take your mind off it, you won’t feel the same anxiety as you usually do. 

Ask for Details on the Procedure

The fear of the unknown can contribute to being scared of the doctor, and you can overcome this fear by requisition details about the procedure. 

Calling the doctor beforehand, whether it’s a simple checkup or Spinal injections for back pain, will help you understand and come to terms with what you can expect. By explaining the process step-by-step, the entire experience may seem less overwhelming, allowing you to feel more confident and less intimidated by visiting the doctor. You’ll know what will happen when it will happen and how it will happen.  

Find the Root of Your Fear

Sometimes, you cannot be sure what caused your fear of the doctor, and rather than being any physical fears, it is a manifestation of something that happened a long time ago. Perhaps you had a bad experience in your childhood at a hospital, whether you had a shot that hurt too much or saw people suffering in their hospital beds

Getting to the bottom of this by asking your family about previous experiences can help you better understand your fears. If your family can’t help, a therapist may be able to unlock the reason behind your worries. It may not even be the doctor, but rather the sterile environment of hospitals and waiting rooms, but you will never know unless you search for the answer. 

Pick a Time That Works for You 

Stress levels increase when you are anxious or scared, and if you usually go to the doctor after work or try to squeeze it into your day when you have too much to do, it’s only natural that you will feel even more stressed when attending an appointment. 

This can have a severe effect on how you feel about going to the doctor. You could overcome these problems by booking appointments at a time that is more suitable for you. 

Attending an appointment during your lunch break (on a full stomach) or mid-morning (so you don’t have to worry about traffic) will reduce your stress levels. You will also have the chance to mentally prepare, rather than rush to the waiting room without any time to yourself. 

Get a New Doctor

In extreme cases, your fear of the doctor might come from the doctor. They might not have the best bedside manner, they may make you feel entirely uncomfortable, and you could feel like they don’t care about any problems you have. 

If this sounds familiar, you can seek out another doctor for treatment. Ask around in your friendship group for recommendations and then see if they can take on new patients. These new doctors may be friendlier and have a health outlook that is closer to what you look for. While doctors should tell you the facts regarding your health, too much doom and gloom from your primary physician (even over insignificant issues) can affect your self-esteem and make you worry for nothing. 

Overcoming Fears

Everyone has their fears, but rather than hide away from them, you can only grow as a person if you face them and challenge them. As doctor visits are so crucial to our everyday health, getting over your worries by using one of these methods will help you become healthy, happy, and stress-free.

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  1. I’m more scared of the dentist.

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