How to Prep for a Move with Mean Green

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mean Green.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Our family has an exciting announcement – we’re moving!

Preparing to Move

And we’re making the move with Mean Green! Around mid-August, I did a quick scan of properties for sale in Lynchburg. You have to be quick on the draw for a home around our little town; otherwise, you’ll miss the boat. We found a small cottage-style home with three bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and five acres of beautiful land and hills to create our own little piece of heaven. Before we move, though, we have to get our current place cleaned. Mean Green has the perfect assortment of cleaners to make the job easy!

Prep for a Move with Mean Green

The Power of Mean Green in Our Home

Mean Green Super Strength is a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser that can be used in virtually every room inside of a home. From the appliances to the bathtub to the floors, we want to leave the house clean and move-in ready for the next family. I cook at least five to six nights per week, yet our range remains fairly spotless. The super strength formula eliminates grease and cooked-on food with ease. As with all surfaces that food comes into contact with, remember to rinse with clean water.

One of the most surprising things I learned after becoming a Mean Green Ambassador is the variety of surfaces that I can use the product line for throughout our home. If you have kids, then you know that stains are inevitable. While packing up and moving furniture in my boys’ bedroom, I discovered where a drink was knocked off that needs some attention. 

In addition to the interior of our home, we use Mean Green outdoors, too! The warm temperatures will soon come to an end and our grill will go into hibernation. You wouldn’t put a dirty car into storage so why would you put a grill away dirty? You wouldn’t! The Mean Green Auto & Garage formula is specially-designed to remove petroleum-based grease and grime. As much as I have used my Cave Tools Wing Rack this summer, I know our grill needs a good scrub. It will be ready to take on another grillin’ season when spring comes around next year. 

The Kitchen All Surface Cleaner is now my go-to cleaner for my kitchen. I love that the cleaner is heavy duty yet the ingredients are made with biodegradable cleaning agents. That means NO bleach, NO ammonia, and NO acid! I did a quick scrub on the interior of my oven door – look at how shiny and clean it is! Now available at Target and other select locations. 

Tips for Making a Move with Mean Green

If you’ve had to move, then you know there is a lot of work that goes into the process. Packing and clearing out items to donate or throw away has been quite the task. I’m going to share some of my top tips to help make the entire process easier for y’all – check them out:

Give each room in your home a deep scrub.

To make moving easier, pack up as much as you can, leaving only the must-have basic items. Once the majority of your belongings are out of the way, spend time deep cleaning each room. Dust every nook and cranny. Scrub the windows and clean the carpets. Even if you still have several weeks before you move, the hard part will be done and the best part – there’s a Mean Green Cleaner for every speck of dirt in your house. A quick dust and vacuum and your house will be move-out ready!

Remove stains, stickers, etc.

Did your kids spill drinks on the carpet or put stickers on their bedroom doors? The new owners of your home will greatly appreciate if they can walk into a clean home. Even if a few minor repairs are needed, your home’s new owners will always remember walking into the house and that it had a freshly-cleaned look and smell. Those little touches are greatly appreciated!

Put rugs/runners/paper down in high-traffic areas.

To prevent further stains, put down rugs or runners in high traffic areas. Professional movers will typically wear booties over their boots but family/friends may not. If you have already cleaned the carpets, you definitely don’t want to have to do it again!

Moving Boxes

Don’t forget garages, storage buildings, outdoor areas, etc.

The garage, storage buildings, and outdoor areas are a part of the home, too. If you’re leaving paint supplies behind, stack them neatly on a work bench or in the corner of the garage/shed. Spray down handrails of porches and decks, too.

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