How to Select Quality Chocolate for Thanksgiving; 3 Top Chocolate Aspects to Look Out for

Thanksgiving involves a lot of planning and discussion, from the desserts and turkey to the sides. Then, after all the meal planning and cooking, it is often devoured within an hour of being served.

So the remaining time can be used by you and your loved ones to bond, gift and entertain each other.

If you are on the lookout for gift ideas, why not consider blessing your loved ones with some mouth-watering chocolate gift boxes?

However, before you go out and purchase random chocolate brands from various supermarket counters, why don’t you go about it differently this time? By different I mean, selecting chocolate gift boxes that can provide health benefits to your loved ones.

Making an active decision to purchase good quality dark chocolate can prove to have numerous health benefits, provided that your loved ones consume a moderate amount as per their daily calory specifications.

So, be sure to let them in on the importance of not gobbling the whole chocolate gift box down in one sitting.

Quality chocolate pieces in a wooden box

Health benefits linked to consuming dark chocolate:

  1. Chocolates contain antioxidants and nutrients that play a major role in improving heart health, bolstering one’s cognitive abilities and lessening hypertension and soreness.
  2. Dark chocolate is known to be a powerhouse when it comes to providing the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. This is because chocolate is rich in zinc, iron, copper and magnesium.

To ensure that your loved ones reap the full benefits that come with consuming chocolate, this guide is meant to enlighten you on what you need to look out for when selecting chocolate.

A Guide to Selecting Chocolates with Proven Health Benefits for Thanksgiving

  • Organic Certified. To ensure that chocolates are of high quality, select chocolate boxes that have been certified to be organic. Often more care has gone into organic chocolates as the farmers have to be more careful about the chemicals they use to maintain their certificate.

A gift of dark chocolates, such as mozart chocolate which is naturally processed, will show that more thought has gone into the gift.

  • Unadulterated State. Cacao should be consumed in its raw state since it provides a greater nutritional value as compared to other chocolates. This isn’t as appealing as eating chocolate, but this thanksgiving select dark chocolate as it tends to have a greater percentage of cacao.
  • Choose Chocolates that Have Minimal Ingredients. The fastest way that you can tell if a chocolate gift box is a good choice, is to take a glance at the ingredient list.

To keep things simple, go for chocolate gift boxes that have either cacao or cocoa as one of their top ingredients. Good quality chocolate boxes are those that entail a natural sweetener, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and either cocoa or cacao.

Should you find the ones with hydrogenated fats, milk, and thickeners, be sure to skip them as they tend to contain artificial ingredients that do not provide any health benefits.

As you look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with your chocoholic loved ones, be sure to spread love and give thanks for all the blessings that you and your loved ones have received this year.

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