How to Select the Perfect Boots


Learn how to select the perfect boots to fit your lifestyle! Finding the right pair is easy when you know all the tricks!

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Finding the perfect pair of boots can often be a struggle. I have tiny, wide feet, making shoe shopping especially difficult. My husband and boys give me a hard time that I have to choose from children’s designs that offer light-up options, sparkles, and cartoon characters. Thankfully, this Pigeon Forge Store has an assortment of boots that fit my size and provide the adult style that I need.

Step 1: Try your boots on while standing and in-person.

Shoes fit differently when you stand in them. In fact, you could even discover that one foot is bigger than the other. Your foot also spreads out so this will enable you to choose the proper width.

Online ordering is convenient; but it’s a lot easier to shop in-store and leave with exactly what you want. Online shopping often results in the hassle of returns, re-orders, lost or slow shipments, etc.

Step 2: Wear boot socks when choosing your boots.

One of the most annoying feelings in the world is when your sock slides down and into your shoe. Boot socks are designed to prevent slippage and wick moisture away to keep your feet dry. If your boots are going to be worn during the cooler months, be sure to wear the thicker socks you’d typically wear with them. I bought a pair of boots wearing thin cotton socks and later regretted it because the boots were too tight with my winter socks.

Step 3: Walk around in the boots.

Your entire foot should feel cradled inside of the boot while your heel easily slips in and out.

Step 4: Ask for custom size ordering.

Stores often only carry the standard sizes and widths that their customer market wears. If your feet are wide, try on a pair that is ½ size bigger. If they are narrow, choose a pair ½ size smaller. For those who have two different sizes of feet, choose the size that fits your larger foot. If available, some stores can order a variety of widths and sizes to fit your exact needs!

Using these tips can help you select the perfect boots for all of your activities!

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  1. I LOVE boots and have several pairs. In all kinds of styles. They are so fun!

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