How To Spruce Up Your Bedroom for Comfort

It is said that an average person will spend one-third of their life in bed. When you factor in that, in addition to sleeping, most people use their bedrooms for watching tv, reading, and entertaining, the time spent in a bedroom is much higher. With the amount of time being spent overall in a bedroom, it is important to keep your space comfortable and fresh. It’s simply not feasible to completely remodel your bedroom constantly. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to spruce up your bedroom and improve your living space. 


The easiest way to transform your room is to simply clean it. Most people hang on to extra furniture (dressers, shelves, etc.) only because they need to store clothing and items that they don’t necessarily need. By sorting through your belongings and being honest about what is truly needed, you can create so much more space. If you cannot get rid of anything, consider bins that can be stored under your bed or hanging closet organizers. Your bedroom can be instantly transformed at little to no cost. 

Another low cost, high impact method of changing the look of your bedroom is rearranging your furniture. Centering your bed under a window can provide natural morning light. Moving a dresser into your closet can clear up floor space in smaller bedrooms while retaining the amount of clothing storage. In addition to maximizing the space you have, rearranging your furniture completely transforms the look and feel of your bedroom

While you can see major results by cleaning, organizing, and rearranging, sometimes it’s necessary (and more fun) to make bigger changes. A fresh paint color will completely change the mood of a room. For example, soft blues are said to give a peaceful and tranquil feel to your bedroom. It is said that green is one of the most popular decorating colors. It is the color of nature and is calming and refreshing. A new paint color, while taking some effort to apply in the beginning, will give a long-term transformation to your bedroom. When you have a new paint color, it can give a whole new direction to the rest of your bedroom décor. 

Area rug in bedroom

A new area rug can transform the look and feel of a bedroom by bringing the color palette together and making the room appear larger. Curtains will make a window look larger and provide a look of elegance. The most important aspect of a bedroom is of course the bed. It is incredibly easy to transform this aspect of your room. Upgrading your mattress is a great move to make for both home décor and comfort. Online shopping eliminates the stress of transporting your new mattress yourself so you can focus on finding the perfect new bedding and throw pillows. With as much time as you will spend in your bedroom, improving aspects such as paint, organization, décor, or your mattress will drastically improve your overall quality of life.

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