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Supplementing is a way of life

After my miscarriage in the Summer of ’17, I have been on a mission to make supplementing a way of life for my family. I want nothing more than for all of us to be healthy and happy. Utzy Naturals is designed specifically for those who will settle for nothing less than the best. That’s why I’m excited to share a company I truly trust and believe in to provide supplements that live up to their promises. Let’s get to know the products available from Utzy Naturals!

Utzy Naturals Supplementing Products

Who is Utzy Naturals – and how are they different?

Have you walked into the supplement aisle at your local pharmacy or grocery retailer lately? The options available who claim to be “the best” are endless – but how do you know which brand can live up to their name? Utzy Naturals has been creating supplements for over 25 years with one key difference from their competitors – they refuse to apologize for providing quality products made with quality ingredients. They also continue testing to ensure the safety of their supplements — even though it’s “not required by the FDA“. Would you buy a car that hadn’t been put through rigorous safety tests? No, I’m sure you wouldn’t; so, why are you buying supplements that aren’t testing their products simply because it’s not required?

Utzy Naturals - Allurtica - Supplementing Seasonal Allergies

Allurtica – Supplementing for Seasonal Support

Each season brings on a new set of seasonal allergies that easily zap our energy and limit our productivity. Seasonal support is available with Utzy Naturals’ Allurtica. The unique blend of natural flavonoids, antioxidants and herbs, created by science experts in the immune system function, will give your daily life relief from allergy symptoms. 

  • Stinging Nettle supports non habit-forming sinus and respiratory health
  • Unique blend of Quercetin, a natural antihistamine, enhanced with Rutin to increase bio-availability
  • Rosemary Leaf helps to clear the normal presence of mucus from the lungs
  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine provides an important amino acid that forms glutathione, a powerful healing antioxidant
  • Backed by the confidence of a 30-day money-back guarantee

The powerful formula actively promotes healthy nasal passages for sufferers with elevated histamine levels and respiratory irritation. My oldest son has been suffering from allergies since he was an infant. After a loading week (a week of 3 doses per day), my son has been experiencing a clear head and nose without drowsiness. Stop masking your symptoms with supplements and start feeling better!


CoQ-10 – Cardiovascular Support

As a child, I remember my grandparents having an assortment of supplements on their kitchen table. One that always stood out was the CoQ-10. I associated the supplement as an “old people thing“.  Now I’m entering my mid-30’s and concerned with my cardiovascular health. Because of the heart issues that my family has, I want to be proactive about taking care of my health

Ubiquinone (CoQ-10) is widely accepted as contributing to cell energy and good overall health. The heart requires an immense energy demand on the body. CoQ-10 promotes cellular energy production and gives the cardiovascular system an extra hand with energy support. Higher energy levels increases our health and overall wellness. CoQ-10 also helps to:

  • Supports Cellular Energy Production and Physical Performance
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Boosts Antioxidant Activity

Micro Melatonin - Natural Sleep Aid

Micro Melantonin – Natural Sleep Aid

Sleep. Oh, sweet sleep. You don’t know how much you miss it until it’s gone. Melatonin is a key component in regulating our sleep cycles. I mentioned my lack of sleep to my physician and immediately, she wanted to put me on a prescription with an endless list of side effects. My schedule varies from one week to the next. I enjoy the smaller, gentler dose of melatonin in this supplement. 

  • Melatonin helps keep your natural circadian rhythm in-tune
  • Helps to maintain your natural melatonin levels, which naturally diminish with age
  • Contains Sour Cherry, which helps to support your body’s melatonin production

My husband works night shift so falling asleep while the sun is shining bright can be quite difficult. He has been using the Micro Melatonin to fall asleep quickly and into a deeper sleep for longer periods of time. Our bodies melatonin levels naturally diminish with age – it’s nice to have a helping hand!



Omega 3 fatty acids are important to our health. If you’re not indulging in oily fish for meals on a regular basis, then taking a fish oil supplement may be your next best option. U-Omega is a premium grade, molecularly distilled fish oil packed into an easy-to-take gel capsule. The fishy taste that supplements often leave behind tastes and smells terrible; but Utzy’s U-Omega offers a natural lemon flavor. They test for 100+ different toxins and made with the finest quality ingredients

Every living cell needs the EPA and DHA found in U-Omega to function properly. The benefits are astronomical for your heart, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, blood pressure, eye health and protection, inflammation, skin benefits, liver fat, and more. One capsule provides 800mg without the fish burps!



As we age, our immune systems take a big hit. We catch more colds and illness seems to take us down a little harder each time. U-Mune combines Arabinogalactan, Black Elderberry, Echinacea, Andrographis, and Lemon Balm to offer a boost to your body’s immune system responses. A mixture of Vitamin A, C, D, and Zinc is added for support. 

Unfortunately, I am the person who catches more colds in the summer and fall because of the allergens floating in the air. I love spending time outdoors but have to face the consequences. I am excited to see how well my system does with U-Mune! 

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