Easy Ways for How to Stay Cozy This Winter

Discover six ways you can stay cozy this winter and share your own ideas below!

Cup of Hot Chocolate with a Peppermint Stripe Scarf

Some of us love it, some of us hate it but, like it or not, winter rolls round every year. And once the sparkle and glitz of the holidays has gone and we’re into January, it can start to feel a little bit gloomy. The days are short, it’s dark, it’s cold and there’s nothing to look forward to. Well, below you’ll find some ideas to get cozy and snuggle in while you’re waiting for spring to come again.

Try Some New Recipes

When it’s freezing outside, what could be more comforting than some hearty home cooking? Whether it’s pies and one-pots, or sweet treats, having something new to cook can brighten even the darkest of days. Try roasting the cruciferous veg that you can get in winter as an alternative to steaming or boiling, such as this roast broccoli salad for a great alternative side dish.

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas

Think fairy lights are only for the holidays? Think again. There are loads of creative ways to make light displays part of your home. Not only do they look great and add an extra light source to any room, but there’s something kind of magical about using them as a feature. Make every day just that little bit festive!

Get Into Texture

Chunky knits, fleecy blankets, cotton-mix throws. All these can be yours to play with throughout the colder months. When, in summer, they’d be stifling, in winder they’re one of the best ways to get cozy and introduce some hygge into your home so going outside feels like a distant memory.

Take Precautions

Of course, there’s no point putting all your energy into having a gorgeous interior if your house is falling down around your ears. It’s worth doing a few property checks and bits of preventative maintenance around your home before the cold sets in. Paradigm Roofing will make sure your roof is set to take the brunt of the weather this season. Make sure you’ve cleared your gutters as well and, if you’re somewhere particularly icy, you’re set for cold-weather driving.

Go Crazy With Beverages

It’s not just food! In the same way we make lemonade and mojitos in the summer, there are some fabulous winter drinks recipes that it’s worth de-icing your windscreen for every day. Not only is there hot chocolate, but you’ve also got mulled wine and cider for a super indulgent winter tipple. What could be cozier than snuggling up in front of the fire with a good book and a mulled cider warming your hands?

Indoor Games

The garden is a wonderful place to enjoy and play as a family. But winter is the time to break out the board games. Rather than relying on the TV or movies to entertain you, choose a new board game that you can play as a family. You might get some moans and groans when you first suggest it, but you’ll soon find that even the grumpiest teenager starts to have fun!

How are you going to stay cozy this winter? Share your favorite ideas in the comments below!

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