How to Survive a Teenage Boy’s Smelly Shoes


A teenage boy’s smelly shoes are one of the top worst smells I’ve ever come across. When they use the shoes for sports and practice, the sweat and hormones create a walking disaster! Both of my boys are spending summer mornings at football practice so I get the stink double-time. What they don’t know is that I have a secret weapon that will prevent me having to gag every time I open the shoe closet – ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray

ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray

Football Practice + Summer = Teenage Boy’s Smelly Shoes

Football practice happens early in the morning; however, it doesn’t take long to heat up here in the south once the sun starts climbing in the sky. The showers are less than attractive so my boys slip their sweaty, socked feet into their every-day shoes after being in cleats. The man-made materials in standard athletic shoes hold onto odors and the germs, creating the perfect environment for teenage boy’s smelly shoes

ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray

Personally, I have thrown away numerous pairs of shoes because of the odors acquired by daily use. I try to switch up my shoes; however, once you break-in a pair, they become your go-to shoes for comfort, right? There are a ton of DIY tips out there but most of them do nothing more than cover up the smell. I keep my shoes clean with a surface wash but running them through the washer is a must at a certain point. They can’t be washed every day so the ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray is my new favorite tool to keep my favorite shoes around for a longer period of a time. 

We don’t want white marks on our clothing from our deodorant, so why not keep the marks off of our feet, too? ARM&HAMMER™ gives 9 out of 10 consumers confidence in their quality, heritage, and safe ingredients. Just in time for summer, the Invisible Foot Spray Powder and Invisible Body Spray Powder are available at Walmart and

A unique blend of technology and ingredients are designed to protect and care for our skin gently while whipping odors into oblivion. The formula provides a reduction friction compared to regular sprays, resulting in smoother, softer, velvety-feeling skin. Silica, Mango Butter, and Rapeseed Oil provide a silky, non-cakey feeling and easily spreads. Not only do the highly-effective invisible sprays neutralize odors, but it also eliminates them. The spray is gentle on your skin, too. 

All day long, you can count on the Sweat-activated Fresh Guard™ technology to absorb sweat and moisture to provide an instant cooling effect. The time-released fragrance has a lasting effect to leave you feeling comfortable and confident on your feet. Eliminate the odor – don’t just cover it up!

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The Arm & Hammer Foot Care collection is now available in the foot care aisle at Walmart and other select retailers for around $5.99.

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