How to Take Your Grilled Chicken to the Next Level


Grilled chicken is one of my favorite pieces of meat for dinner. My husband has always preferred to cook on a charcoal grill but a few weeks ago, we found a gas grill on a scratch-and-dent sale. It was impossible for us to pass on a great deal — plus, I could finally grill on a regular basis. Cave Tools are high-performance tools for cooking enthusiasts for settle for nothing less than the best. Their Chicken Wing + Leg Rack is my new favorite tools for the grill and oven!

Grilled Chicken on the Wing + Leg Rack is phenomenal!

Cave Tools Chicken Wing & Leg Rack

Once you try grilled chicken on this rack – whether it’s wings, legs, or thighs – you won’t want to cook them any other way! The easy-to-assemble rack holds up to 12 pieces of chicken. Legs and wings slide and hold on pretty easily while a toothpick helps hold thighs more securely. The drip pan catches juices to make a gravy or soup or add diced veggies to create a side dish that is full of flavor. I love adding potatoes – the result are tender and bursting with flavor! 

Grilled Chicken Legs on Wing Rack

The wing rack is made up of 100% stainless steel. It can easily be hand-washed or run through the dishwasher. The legs of the rack lock into place so it won’t collapse during use. When not in use, the rack easily folds for compact storage. 

One of my biggest tips is to remember to spray the tray with a non-stick spray to prevent any vegetables you place underneath to keep from sticking. The first time I used the wing rack, I forgot to spray the tray and after placing diced potatoes underneath, several stuck. However, after using it almost ten times within two weeks, I am convinced that this is my new favorite 

Top Features of the Wing Rack

Chicken Roasting Rack

With the ability to hold up to 12 chicken legs, this is one of the largest racks on the market. It fits perfectly on our grill with plenty of room for other dishes. The rack can also be used in a smoker or in a standard oven. The drip pan is deep enough to catch all of the drippings to prevent a mess and prevent overflow. A free barbecue recipe book is included with each wing rack purchase (delivered via a PDF digital version to your email). 

150+ reviews give the Chicken Wing + Leg Rack over 4.5 stars – and they are definitely well-deserved! Ever since we received the rack, I have been creating dinners that my husband and boys can’t get enough of. The flavor possibilities are endless. You can add a variety of spices or marinate the chicken prior to grilling. Each and every time, your chicken will come off of the rack with a perfectly crisp exterior and the meat will be full of juices.

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Use the code WING15 to save 15% on your order at when you buy the Chicken Wing + Leg Rack! We have a big deck at our soon-to-be home so this will continue to be one of the most-used grill accessories

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