How Wine Tasting Will Change Your Dining Experience

Have you experienced a wine tasting?

For most people, wine is a bit of a mystery and when they are choosing a wine, whether from a store or a wine list in a restaurant, there’s a fair bit of guesswork going on. This is nothing new and it’s why wines often come with such evocative descriptions. 

But what if you could learn more about wine?

People who do wine tasting tours, such as those offered at Stags’ Leap Winery, have a chance to learn more about what they are drinking and make more educated decisions about the wine they choose from then on. This totally changes your dining experience and is an exciting way to take your culinary ambitions to new heights too. 

Become More Mindful

Mindful eating and drinking is the best way to experience every aspect of the things you consume. Taking note of the pleasure you experience is also really important as this is what connects you to what is on your plate – or in your glass! There are lots of benefits of mindful eating from losing weight to helping you to destress. If you’ve not tried it before, now’s your chance. 

At a wine tasting experience, you will be encouraged to use all your senses to explore the wine. This isn’t about knocking back a cheap glass of plonk so consider how the wine feels on your tongue, the flavors that emerge as the wine breathes and what you can smell as well. 

Matching Wine to Food

What you drink can affect the taste of what you are eating. Even if you don’t think you have a particularly sophisticated palette, you know this to be true. The red wine you drink isn’t just about the health benefits, it’s also about the taste. This is why so many fancy restaurants will carefully match each course with a particular wine, intended to bring out particular flavors. 

There are some rules to follow here. More savory wines will suit earthier dishes, which is why a Pinot Noir is great for mushrooms and leeks. But contrast is good too, which is why Champagne works so well with saltier foods – the dry sweetness compliments the salt perfectly, hence Champagne and oysters. 

Make Informed Decisions

Choosing a wine is always going to be something of a guess since you don’t really know how it’s going to taste until you’ve popped the cork. However, going on a wine tasting course will give you the tools you need to interpret wine descriptions and decide what you really like.

The quality of a wine isn’t always directly correlated to the price so keep an open mind when you’re looking at various price points. Some wines, like Cava are delicious and are cheap simply because they aren’t as popular. The price is no reflection of the quality. Your taste is what really counts and you should definitely consider yourself lucky if you happen to prefer cheaper wines! 

Learning to taste wine is an amazing experience and you can take your knowledge and apply it to food too. The more mindful you are about what you are eating and drinking, the more pleasure it will bring. 

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