How Your Family Can Be Healthier In 2021

How can your family be healthier in 2021? Let’s buckle down and prepare for the new year to be bigger and better for all of us!

With our busy schedules, the year 2020, and running a family, it can be hard to get your family to eat well. Fast foods and convenience meals are eaten with speed can be the norm, however, they can lead to lifelong weight problems and health issues. With the year that we have all had, it can be forgiven that we have all slipped a little when it comes to making sure we eat healthy as a family, and with the holidays approaching, it probably best to wait until 2021 hits us the get knuckles down and make lifestyle changes. 

Father teaching daughter how to properly wash her hands to show how a family can be healthier

But, when that time comes you are going to need to know how you can get the family on board with healthy eating, let’s have a look at some of the ways you can do that below: 

Educate Them 

One of the best things you can do is to educate your family on why healthy eating is so important. Things like lower body weight, clearer skin, better digestions, and healthy heart and brain re a few to mention. Show them how to look at foods themselves so they too can make the right choices about the foods they are eating

All Eat Breakfast 

It’s been proven that children who eat breakfast do much better at school. Think about setting the alarm a little earlier and do it every day so you can prepare a wholesome, yet simple breakfast of things like wholemeal toast, oatmeal, and fruit

Eat Together At Meals 

If you can make sure you sit and eat at least one of the main meals of the day together as a family. Why not look for your local decking supplier and create an alfresco dining zone where you can all enjoy food together in a pleasant and relaxing environment

Avoid Bringing Junk Food Into The House 

If it’s not there sitting in the cupboards then it can’t be eaten. Instead make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks available such as fruit, granola bars, nuts, whole-grain crackers, yoghurt, and low-fat cheese. If you want to have a treat once in a while, go out and buy it specially, don’t store it. It’s too tempting. 

Include Fruit Or veggies At Every Meal 

Once you are in the habit of this one you will never go back. If you have fussy eater, let your children pick the fruit or vegetables they want to include. You can also be a little sneaky by adding vegetables into their foods such as homemade cooking sauces, adding a veggie to their pizza, or into something like a lasagna

Always Lead By Example

You will never get your children to eat well if you don’t lead by example. You need to be a shining example of how they should be eating. Therefore if you are eating a bar of chocolate when insisting they eat a piece of fruit, you will be sending the completely wrong message. Children learn by seeing examples, so, you need to eat the foods you want them to eat. 

Starting a family healthy eating program may be difficult at first especially if you have slipped well and truly off track, however, the time and effort you put in will be worth it. Let’s ensure that your family can be healthier in 2021!

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