Improve Your Self-Confidence By Straightening Your Smile


One of the easiest ways to improve your self-confidence is by straightening your smile. Check out a few options!

A wonky smile is basically any smile where your teeth aren’t properly aligned. This can mean some are pointing in a different angle, one may be further pushed forward than others – a lot of problems can occur! 

There are lots of oral health issues out there, but a wonky smile is probably the most annoying. Why? Because you have no control over how your teeth grow! It’s just rotten luck if they aren’t correctly aligned, but you can take action against this. Straightening your teeth is possible, and there are two main approaches to it. Below, you’ll see the two options and their pros and cons:

Girl smiling with braces. Braces are an option for straightening your smile

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are metal wires that get fused to your teeth. If that sounds painful, then it’s because it is pretty sore! They’re the most effective way of moving your teeth into proper alignment, and they’re also by far the least expensive. The length of time you wear them for will differ depending on how serious your issues are. Some people may even need to have a chain attached to a tooth if it’s growing way too high up in the gums! The chain will pull it down into its rightful place. 

The metal wires will basically force your teeth into the right places. The downside of braces is that they require a lot of work. You have to go to an orthodontist for regular checkups, they need to be adjusted and tightened, and they can be annoying to wear. Plus, the metal bits can leave patches on your teeth as you’re unable to clean under them. So, keep all of these things in mind when making your choice. 

Invisible Aligners

Invisible Aligners

Next, we have the fare more modern method of invisible aligners. I touched upon this in a previous post about treatments that make a difference to your smile. This technique works just like traditional braces, but with a few differences.

For one, they are almost impossible to spot. You’ll find that clear braces live up to their name and are completely see-through. As such, they’re far better if you’re self-conscious about walking around wearing braces for months. Secondly, they don’t hurt as much and can work just as fast. Plus, you can take these braces out when you eat, preventing food from getting stuck between metal wires. The fact they’re removable also makes it easier to clean your teeth thoroughly and avoid staining.

Ultimately, the main downside is that they are a more expensive option for straightening your smile. While more affordable than they used to be, traditional braces are still considered the budget option for straightening your teeth

Overall, it’s a toss-up between both options. For me, invisible braces seem like the better idea as they are more discreet. This is especially beneficial for adults, who may be incredibly self-conscious about wearing metal braces. If you can afford the invisible option, it’s definitely worth getting them. If not, traditional braces will still work perfectly and can help you straighten your teeth sightly quicker. Either way, both options will correct your smile, giving you a mouth full of straight teeth. This is so beneficial as it makes you feel so much more confident when you can smile wide and show off your pearly whites.

Have you considered straightening your smile?

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