Inject Some Life Into Your Old Garage


Want to inject some life into your old garage? Start with a few of these ideas to create more than a storage/drop zone!

For most people, the garage is the ultimate chaos hidden place. We pile boxes of unwanted stuff or forgotten belongings in the dark and cold garage. So it’s easy to see how our beloved garage can become a giant clutter box for all the things we own and don’t use. Unfortunately, left unattended, the clutter accumulates dust and soaks up all the humidity in the air. Before you know it, your garage has become the meeting point of rodents and fungi in the neighborhood. Eww! But perhaps, the best way to save your garage from this sad fate is to give it a new function. As most of us keep the car on the driveway, it’s time to convert and inject some life into your old garage into something new and exciting.

Farmers hands with freshly harvested vegetables. Fresh bio potatoes

Create a cool storage area

If you have a vegetable garden, you could turn your unused garage into a storage area for your winter vegetables. Did you know you could store roots fresh all winter long in your garage? For long-term storage, a dry and dark environment is a great storage area. A ventilated garage, for instance, is the ideal spot. You can keep potatoes in a wooden crate, using newspapers to block the light. You can also keep carrots and turnips in a garage, storing them in boxes layered with slightly damp sand. Ultimately, when you turn the garage into an extended pantry for fresh produce, it’s a good idea to keep it safe. If the door doesn’t lock anymore, make sure to call a garage door repair specialist. To avoid rot and damage, check your harvest at least once a week. 

Turn it into a granny flat

If you are looking after your elderly parents, you may want to become their personal caregiver while helping them maintain their independence. A lot of seniors feel disheartened when they move out of their home. As their caregiver, you can welcome them at your place and give them a tiny home. Converting the garage into a cozy ADU apartment can be a happy compromise between their independence and your peace of mind

Make your home gym

Are you ready to go back to the gym? Fitness is an essential part of everyday life. However, gym rooms have become a source of health risks in the middle of the covid pandemic. As a result, a lot of households are choosing to work out at home. In the long term, you could turn your unused garage into a fitness room that combines your favorite sports equipment. 

Have a cozy man’s cave

Who doesn’t love an entertainment room? Whether you call it man’s cave, home theater, or gaming room, it makes no doubt that the garage could become a space for movies, video games, and other entertainment. This has many advantages. You don’t need to compromise on space or function when you buy a new TV screen or a gaming console. The entertainment equipment can distract from the primary purpose of the living room, which is to relax and welcome guests. In a specifically converted garage, your gaming hobby can take a life of its own.

Flat screen tv turned on with video game controllers and black wooden coffee table in an old garage turned into a game room

There’s more to the garage than a cold space to keep your car. As more and more families leave their vehicles on the drive, it’s time to upgrade the garage and turn the unused room into a functional space. Whether you use it as an ADU apartment or a crop storage area, your garage has a lot to give! 

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