Insuring Your Home: 5 Must-Haves!

Insuring your home shouldn’t be a struggle! Discover 5 must-haves that you need to cover to keep your family and possessions safe.

As a homeowner or even just a renter, you want to make sure that everything in your home is protected. This can range from the little things such as rugs and your oven to those more precious such as photo albums filled with pictures of your kids as babies or your first family vacation

To ensure everything stays safe, it’s crucial to look into house insurance. Just like car and medical insurance, these policies make sure that your possessions are protected from whatever could happen. This includes theft, weather damage, or just plain old accidents. You can never be too careful, so make sure you’ve got these insurances sorted out. 

Insuring Your Home - 5 Must-Haves!


This only applies to homeowners, as renters shouldn’t need to worry about the potential costs of rebuilding the property if it’s damaged. Buildings insurance covers your house from potential significant damage such as falling trees or a massive fire that gets out of hand too quickly. 

However, it’s not as simple as merely telling the insurance company how much they can cover you for. Instead, you must estimate how much potential damage will cost. While not convenient, it could give you the push to finally get those home improvement plans moving


The contents insurance covers pretty much everything in your home. This sounds like a mammoth job, but there are ways to make it slightly more bearable. You can start by making your inventory room by room and check off what items you want to be covered. 

If you’re not sure about the cost, you can look into using a contents calculator to be sure. It might sound greedy, but if you estimate your possessions cost around $20,000, but they are actually $45,000, you’re going to wish you put the correct price down. 

You don’t need to put everything under contents insurance, and there’s typically a limit on how much you can insure for. You can stick to the big things such as sofas, TV, and beds to protect them from theft and/or damage to make life a little easier should anything happen. 


Some would consider contents and valuables to be the same thing. However, when dealing with insurance, then regular coverage often isn’t enough. If you do have expensive items in your home such as a fancy watch, filming equipment, or even an engagement ring custom made for your Tacori girl, then taking out valuables insurance is a must. 

This will cover you in the event of theft or loss, especially if you are away on vacation. You’ll want to get coverage for all of the time, instead of merely when the item is physically in the house; this is particularly true of jewelry

These items will be listed individually under single-item insurance. They will be easier to track for the company should something happen to them, although hopefully, that is never the case.


No matter how careful you might be, there’s always the risk of something terrible happening that you can neither predict nor prepare for. This could include burst water pipes or a smashed window (that’s no fault of your own).

While some insurance brokers might have a bad reputation, most are reasonable companies, and they understand that accidents do happen. Should disaster strike your home, having accidental damage insurance will mitigate the expense of getting the issue fixed. 

You can’t always rely on the culprit to pay up, and in some cases, you might never find out who that culprit is. While this isn’t ideal, you can reduce the expense you’ll have to pay by getting accident coverage for your home


Let’s say that your house is damaged in such a way that it makes its unlivable for a specific period. It’s not like you’re going to camp out in the backyard, so where will you end up? 

Sure, you could stay with family or friends, but you don’t want to impose, and not everybody has the luxury of living close by to everyone they care for. Instead, alternative accommodation insurance can help you out of sticky situations. 

This will allow you to find a hotel to stay at while major repairs are going on within your home without costing you much money. 

Covered and Ready

Hopefully, you never need to make an insurance claim on anything in your home, but life often doesn’t work that way. It’s always better to put the insurance investment in and not need it rather than need it and not have it. This will make any problems that will occur, either through theft, accidents, or weather damage much easier to cope with and repair

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