Introducing A Classic Look To A Modern Home

So you’ve looked around your home and something just doesn’t feel right. You want a modern home that is more classic, adds a touch of class and charm. But, hold on a minute, just what exactly is a classic style home? Are you sure you don’t mean traditional?

Traditional is very often confused with classic because they both share an approach to decor that is a mixture of earth tones. Traditional and classic both use more natural materials like wood, wool and crystal. And yet there is a big different that is subtle and takes time to notice.

A classic home is very open to the modern style of home too. There is a way to have a classic home but not looking as if you live in the 19th century. Classic is more so about basic things done correctly and in a way that has stood the test of time. You could say that it morphs traditional home interior design into something more modern but keeps the same values and approaches overall. This is why you often hear the term ‘modern-classic’ thrown everywhere.

A subtle showing of class

Think about the traditional home for a second and you will see that rugs are plentiful. Victorian interior design is famous around the world for its power and yet ornate approach. One of the most recognizable things is the rug in this style. However the rugs are almost always in an earth tone. They are light beige sometimes but mostly brown. The classic home takes a similar approach to the rug placement in the home but it uses a much broader color palette. Instead you can have a cream white rug that is made from wool or cotton. You can also be more adventurous in your design choices as many traditional rugs stick to a particular kind of complex but conventional design.

The rug can be a bit shaggy, it can also be in a simple diamond design. However you can have the shapes bordered by any kind of color you would like as long as it’s not too vibrant. Consider royal blue, this goes well with almost any kind of lighter shade. If you would like something simpler and not a rug that will take away the attention of the rest of the room, you can have a simple plain brown cotton style. With no design at all apart from the natural weaving, this can be a rug that you may place sofas on. However the rug for both traditional and classic style homes should be in the living room, bedroom and the lounge.

The way in externally

Natural light is something that is making a huge comeback in many modern kinds of interior styles. However the classic home has always been a huge proponent of sunlight rushing into the home without any fuss. It’s a shame then that modern homes have forgotten that windows can and should be stylish too. Modern homes just offer the basic rectangle designs that don’t have any flare or character to them. They look boring from the inside and even more dull on the inside. Therefore you should be more creative and look at the classic style for inspiration. One of the options for your windows replacement is the double hung tilt style. They are also high quality vinyl windows that are tough, resistant to window, rain, hail, snow and just about everything else. If you’d rather not have moving windows that vertically open, you can still stick with a classic style by putting in single slider tilt windows instead. Both of these styles are seen in classic homes as they offer any home the ability to split the windows and only open one side or half. The personalized service also allows you to get windows the size and shape your home needs.

A little softer and cozier

Many people don’t know this but, leather seating is actually quite modern. You didn’t have leather sofas in classic or traditional homes. So we’re not used to anything other than a leather chair or sofa to sit on in our living room. Well, get used to it because the classic home desires a sofa that is a lot more homely. It’s cozier and softer which is why it’s made out of wool and cotton. A fabric sofa is a huge must for any home that wants to have an air of classic style. Why is this? Well fabric sofas allow you to sink in more, they’re much more laid back and they also have a charm because they were handcrafted.

You can still get a corner sofa for your living room if you want but consider a Merino wool sofa where there cushions are incredibly soft, flexible and smooth. Rather than a darker color that you see in modern and contemporary sofas, you should be using white, cream, pearl and beige. You can also have a sandy hue as well. These kinds of sofas are seen in many beach houses as they have a timeless look and don’t make a big fuss over the rest of the interior.  

A gracious addition

Any classic home has to have something that is oriented toward guests. The coffee table for example is inherently going to be a showpiece that is for guests to put their refreshments and snacks on. It has to be subtle yet of high quality. This you should consider a low coffee table made from a single sheet of refined glass. The support can be wood but that would be more traditional, instead you can go for polished brass instead. Don’t use shinier metals like steel or copper as this takes away from the reflective qualities of the glass. A glass coffee table surrounded by a fabric sofa is one of the most iconic classic home style images you will ever come across.

The classic home is not for everybody but it’s one of the most loved and longest lasting interior decor styles ever. It’s not quite traditional but it’s not quite modern either. It sits happily between the two and it’s brilliant for those that want a mixture of both worlds for their modern home.

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