Is Container Gardening a Good Fit for You?

Have you considered container gardening? Pre-child, you probably loved spending weekends out in the garden. Since kids, however, weekends that are taken up with class parties and general childcare responsibilities have left little room for even basic de-weeding, and the chances are that it’s starting to show. 

Yet, with your outdoor space offering countless lessons for kids and a chance to finally escape the confines of the house, you’re likely keen to overcome this setback. The question is, how do you find a middle ground that keeps your outdoors usable without requiring input that you can’t provide at the moment?

Enter container gardening. Whether you intend to plant flowers, shrubs, or vegetables, this now incredibly popular gardening alternative offers an invaluable way to turn your backyard into a space you can all love. Here, we consider why exactly this gardening method could be the perfect fit for your family. 

# 1 – Minimal equipment

Right now, there’s a strong chance that your garage is crammed full of old toys and clothes, leaving you with little storage space for all of the spades, rakes, and even lawnmowers that traditional gardening requires. Luckily, container gardening that only requires compost, plants, and large outdoor planters means that these family-based space restrictions never need to hold you back. Given that limited space has probably been your main excuse for not getting around to this until now, that’s great news for providing you with a reason to finally prioritize your outdoors. What’s more, as we’ll discuss in more detail in our next tip, the removal of heavy equipment makes this the perfect kid-friendly first gardening experience. 

Watering can around flower pots and container gardening

#2 – A great way to get the kids involved

As well as being generally safer than traditional gardening, container gardening offers a controlled, no-fuss way to get the kids involved. This is invaluable considering the educational opportunities involved with even small-scale growing projects and is also a guarantee that you won’t need to struggle to find the time for gardening because your kids can do right alongside you. Kid-friendly container gardening projects including growing garlic greens in a can or even growing container potatoes should therefore be at the top of your weekend to-do list to ensure a fun, and practical, outdoors for all of the family. 

# 3 – Low-maintenance results for your Container Gardening

Remember, too, that container gardening itself is also a much lower-maintenance method than traditional alternatives. The ability to cut out monotonous tasks like de-weeding and lawn mowing certainly plays a large part in this method’s popularity. In fact, container gardening can provide all of the beauty benefits of a flowering outdoor space in just a few hours compared with a whole season’s worth of work. Then, you’ll simply need to make sure that you keep on watering (or have the kids do it) to get those containers flourishing in no time. 

Container gardening is fun for all the family, and having a beautiful garden at the end of it is a bonus you could soon benefit from by implementing these tips.

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