Keep Your Farm Profitable This Winter

Winter is a difficult time for farmers. Their crops and livestock are all at risk because of the colder temperatures and extreme weather conditions. If you lose an excessive amount of crops and livestock through the winter, then it will have a severe effect on your profits. There’s a good chance that you will struggle to make any money, and that can be difficult for any farmer to bounce back from. So, it’s imperative that you know how to safeguard your farm through the winter months.

Keep Your Farm Profitable in the Winter

Here are a few tips that can help you keep your farm profitable this winter.

Plant Seasonal Crops

First of all, if you do farm crops and rely on them for the bulk of your revenues, then it’s a good idea to plant seasonally. This means that your crop will be changing each season, but at least it means that the crops you do plant have a much higher chance of surviving. That’s because they will be growing in their ideal conditions. For instance, you might want to plant plenty of root vegetables to grow through the winter as they won’t be so bothered by the dip in temperatures and harsh conditions.

Fight Frost

Of course, you don’t need to let frost damage your crops. There are a few ways you can protect against it. First of all, it’s worth using some of the fans that have been specially designed for frost prevention on soil and land. If you have any particularly fragile plants or crops, it’s worth covering them so that they aren’t affected too badly by the frost and snow. Don’t forget that livestock will need to be brought in during the winter too. Even though they may be able to survive in these difficult conditions, the cold will make it too easy for disease to spread through your herd.

Choose The Right Livestock Breeds

One further piece of advice is to farm livestock that is best suited to your climate. For instance, if you always have very bad winters, it’s worth going for a breed that can handle the cold and snow, such as Highland Cattle. There will also be sheep and pig breeds that are better suited to colder climates. If you go for these kinds of breeds, they will survive for longer and will be able to fight off any potential illnesses much better.

Protect Your Feed

Don’t forget to protect the feed that you give to your livestock either. Rats and mice will be on the lookout for extra food during the winter, and they will see your feed as a feast. So, make sure it is well covered and that there is little chance of rodents getting in and contaminating it. You should also keep it dry too, so try to store it in a well ventilated barn where there is no chance of it getting damp.


Hopefully, all of these tips can help your crops and livestock survive so your farm stays profitable through the winter months!


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